Installing PostgreSQL on Your cPanel & WHM Server

For cPanel & WHM versions 11.25/26

Installing PostgreSQL is not a difficult process, but you should follow the steps below in order to ensure that everything is properly configured.

note Note: cPanel requires PostgreSQL 7.3.x or later. Earlier versions will not work.

  1. If necessary, update to cPanel 7.4.0 build 45 (or later).
    • You can update cPanel by typing /scripts/upcp from the command line while logged in as root.
  2. Using the command line interface, log into your server as root.
  3. If you have PostgreSQL 7.2.x installed, back up your databases using pg_dumpall or some other method.
  4. If you do not have databases you wish to keep, move your existing PostgreSQL data directory somewhere else by, for example, typing the following command:
    • mv /var/lib/pgsql /var/lib/pgsql.old
  5. Type the following command:
    • /scripts/installpostgres
  6. From your web browser, log into WebHost Manager.
  7. Select Postgres Config in the SQL Services section of WHM.
  8. Type a new PostgreSQL password in the text box and click Change Password.
    • ALERT! Warning: Do not use non-alpha numeric characters, as these cause problems.
  9. If you are installing PostgreSQL for the first time, click the Install Config button.
    • ALERT! Warning: If you have an existing PostgreSQL configuration, this will overwrite your configuration authentication file ( pg_hba.conf).
  10. If you are upgrading from PostgreSQL 7.2.x or earlier, restore the SQL dump you created in step 3 by using psql or some other method.
  11. PostgreSQL is now accessible from your cPanel interface.

note Note: For more information about PostgreSQL, visit the PostgreSQL website.

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