Add a New IP Address

For WHM version 11.30

This feature allows you to add an IP address to your IP pool. This pool will be used, for example, when you assign a static IP address to a new account.

To add multiple IP addresses simultaneously, you may use CIDR notation and specify the corresponding subnet mask. Refer to the table on the Add an Ip Address screen for more information.

PICK Remember: You must add an IP address through this interface for WHM to recognize the IP.

To add an IP address:

  1. Enter the IP address into the Ip(s) to add field.
    • PICK Remember: You may use CIDR notation to add multiple addresses simultaneously.
  2. Enter the subnet mask into the Subnet Mask field.
    • If you are adding a single IP address, the subnet mask will be
  3. Click Submit to add the IP address(es).
    • You may click Reset to clear the Ip(s) to add and Subnet Mask fields.

For information about reserving IP addresses, visit our documentation.

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