Enkompass Change Log

25 October 2012

  • On certain servers, IIS places data from the previous month in the current month’s log files which results in the incorrect calculation of the bandwidth data. Enkompass will detect the error and move the data to the correct month of bandwidth data.

13 April 2012

  • The AWstats page now has a section to generate monthly reports and view the reports without recreating them.
  • Enkompass can now generate AWstats reports from gigabyte size log files.
  • The Analog Stats page now has a section to generate monthly reports and view the reports without recreating them.

20 February 2012

  • The WSO Framework Selector Page displays only one list of options for the ASP.Net Version.
  • Newly created Application Pools will default to Enable 32 Bit only instead of 64 Bit.
  • Manually adding attribute tags to the application pool defaults definition in applicationhost.config will not confuse Enkompass.
  • A command line utility is available in \Program Files\cPanel\Enkompass\Util that will change the password of the account used to install Enkompass.

15 February 2012

  • Enkompass 3.0 will only upgrade installations from version 2.2 and later. We removed the upgrade code for the first 22 versions of Enkompass to simplify maintenance. If you are running a version less than 2.2, you must upgrade to version 2.4 before upgrading to 3.0.

The Server Administrator Interface (SAI) has been improved:

  • The Tweak Settings page has two new settings. Admin can set a default maximum outgoing bandwidth that is used when new accounts are created. A maximum bandwidth which no website can exceed can also be set.
  • Resellers can create IIS shared application pools with the new Application Pool Manager. The Create Account and Modify Account Pages are enhanced to assign web sites from multiple users to run in those shared application pools.
  • The CPU Usage and Processes pages are enhanced to show reports for any servers configured in Enkompass.
  • A Language Editor is available to Admin. The keys and English sentences are displayed next to an edit box for the destination language.
  • Reports about Bandwidth Limiting can be turned off in Manage Notifications.

Major new features are added to the Web Site Owners interface:

  • There is a new page for managing IIS Virtual Directories and Virtual Applications. This will ease software development.
  • AWStats is upgraded with the modules to generate monthly reports.
  • Support for WebDav is incorporated into the sub domains page. Sub domains can serve either WebDav or HTTP.
  • The Web Site Owner can now schedule tasks to run on their assigned web server.
  • The WebSite Manager is added. Users can set their connection time out, Maximum connections and maximum outgoing bandwidth.

Enkompass improvements:

  • The XML Interface is enhanced with functions to add mail servers and data base servers to resellers. Functions to create and manage application pools are also added.
  • Reseller features that were not implemented in Enkompass were removed from the XML and WCF Interface to reduce confusion.
  • The Enkompass web interfaces and services now run under lower access rights to increase security.
  • Service monitoring is more tolerant on slow networks.
  • Connections to Enkompass services are configured to pass larger amounts of data through the interfaces.
  • MySQL Access hosts for an account are updated when servers and host names change.
  • When a resellers account limits are reduced, the new limits are enforced at account creation.
  • Enkompass will install PHP 5.3.10.
  • We have included two example PowerShell scripts in Program Files\cPanel\Enkompass\Util.
  • AddMxRecord.ps1 will add an MX record to all accounts.
  • RemoveMxRecord.ps1 will remove an MX record from all accounts.
  • Enkompass definitions are added to the GAC. This makes it easy to call the Enkompass WCF Services from PowerShell.
  • Also in the Util folder is ArchiveImporterInstaller.msi which will install a beta version of the Archive Importer. This software will scan a folder containing Plesk 8.6 backups and import them into Enkompass, with the exception of email. The installer will work on a Windows 7 ®or Windows Server 2008® computer that is joined to the Enkompass domain.
  • The installer will detect if UAC is enabled on a remote server and warn you to disable it.

11 January 2012

  • The WSO Redirects page now displays more than ten redirects.

28 December 2011

  • Upgrade the users web.config file to use the latest log in provider for password protected directories.

19 December 2011

  • The web page error logger sometimes closed the logging file, causing a fault of the web pages.
  • The SQL provider would not handle multiple requests at the same time.
  • The mail forwarder page in WSO would not allow multiple mail forwarders for an account.
  • Restoring SQL databases and users that contained reserved MySQL words could fail.
  • Privileges for MySQL users were not correctly restored from backups.
  • MySQL Access Hosts that contained spaces were not restored from backup.
  • The Deny Data Reader and Deny Data Writer privileges of MS SQL accounts were applied correctly but could be displayed incorrectly.
  • The logon provider now uses Win32 calls to improve reliability.
  • The installer warns if non-Latin characters were used in the Enkompass Server and Active Directory Domain name.
  • A check was added to see if users had manually misconfigured duplicate keys into ApplicationHost.config.

16 November 2011

  • An error was not generated when a restore of a SQL database was attempted to an older unsupported version of SQL.
  • Some values over eight gigabytes could not be used for disk quotas when restoring a backup.
  • When a Name Server was added in Tweak Settings, the DNS was updated only on the main domains, not sub-domains, add-on domains and parked domains.
  • Mapping an IP would sometimes fail if the short name was used in Server Manager.
  • PHP has been enhanced. If a globally available version of PHP is set in SAI then the web site owner can choose to use the global version or a site level version.
  • Accounts with SQL databases that were created before version could not be terminated.
  • If an account had MySQL databases, then new databases could not be created after upgrading to Enkompass
  • The total count of databases was occasionally calculated incorrectly in WSO.
  • Captions on the WSO login screen were blank if the browser was set to Turkish or some other non-Latin languages.
  • Icons for PHPmyAdmin and Web Data Administrator were not disabled when impersonating an account in WSO.
  • Collapsed and rearranged sections of the WSO interface were incorrectly restored when returning to the home page.

6 October 2011

  • ApplicationHost.config is scanned and only the settings that are configured with Enkompass roles and account settings are changed. Account holders can put custom configurations in the configuration file and with the exception of virtual directories they will not be removed. The previously required template file is no longer used.
  • IIS Remote Configuration is now supported. Enkompass will set up the permissions when an account is assigned this role, so that a user can only configure their own web sites.
  • Microsoft Web Deployment is a new role. When this role is turned on, users of WebMatrix and Visual Studio can easily deploy their websites to their web folder. Enkompass configures the permissions for you.
  • We now install the IIS URL Rewrite Module on all the web servers and create bindings for WSO, WSOI, WHM, CPANEL, SAI, WEBMAIL, FTP AND MAIL.
  • Spanish is now included for the Website Owner Interface.
  • The XML API has been expanded to include the ability to create SQL databases, create SQL users and to configure .Net Pipelines and Frameworks.
  • The WCF API now has rudimentary documentation for the methods.
  • Search and sort are added to the Bandwidth Reports. You can search for suspended accounts and sort by account or domain name.
  • IPv6 addresses are supported for websites, mail, FTP and Microsoft SQL Server. Note that MySQL does not support IPV6. The Enkompass server must have an IPv4 address for the license to work.
  • The new IP Manager has a wizard to help you enter IP addresses, install them on the network cards and track them.
  • Websites can now be assigned to multiple web servers since you can specify multiple IP addresses. You can choose to assign a group of servers to a reseller and host a website on all or several of them. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be assigned to an account.
  • MySQL Access Hosts can be configured to use the wildcard symbols % and _ to turn off Access Host Protection.
  • PHP 5.3.8 is now added to any existing PHP versions.
  • Integrators and programmers can now use the Plug-In Interface to add their own icons and applications to the Reseller Interface, Website Owners Interface and the Mail Owners Interface. The Plug-In Interface is a beta.

22 August 2011

  • When Enkompass was upgraded from version 1.6 to 2.2, accounts with the PHP feature that were assigned no PHP were rarely assigned the default PHP version. This is fixed.
  • Repeatedly copying a bad file with File Manager could crash the Enkompass web server.
  • The File Manager Upload page did not recalculate the remaining disk quota after a file transfer.
  • File Manager failed to extract large zip files because it incorrectly calculated the file size.
  • When the IP for an account was changed in Manage Accounts, the DNS binding for the mail server was incorrectly changed to the new website IP.
  • When the IP for an account was changed in Manage Accounts from any IPs (*) to a single IP, the DNS A record was not written.
  • The XML API now uses Base64-encoded parameters for Basic Authentication.

11 August 2011

Fixed a problem that occurs when a FTP User is deleted; the Virtual Directories of newer FTP users may intermittently disappear.

8 August 2011

  • WSO FTP accounts can now direct to directories with strange combinations of hyphens and periods in the name.
  • The XML Interface call to ListIPs will no longer fail if there were no IPs on a network card.

1 August 2011

  • Certificate Manager is fixed so it does not display all accounts when no accounts have the certificate role.
  • The upgrade will not fail if someone manually deletes an account from Active Directory but not from Enkompass.
  • Generic faults in the DNS Provider are displayed on the faulting web page.
  • Several bug fixes to the XML Interface are included:
    • AddPkg allows unlimited bandwidth and quota
    • AddPkg now accepts the maxlists argument
    • EditPkg now accepts the maxlists argument
  • The XML API is no longer in beta test and is fully supported.

15 July 2011

  • Accounts without a dedicated IP can request a certificate, generate a self-signed certificate and install it in the certificate store. The website still needs a dedicated IP to bind the certificate.
  • The WSO page for Password Protect Directories failed to load.
  • The DNS provider was completely replaced.
  • Bandwidth reports work when the local is not US.
  • WSO Certificate wizard can handle localized dates.
  • Several bug fixes to the XML Interface are included:
    • Limit bandwidth now accepts unlimited.
    • Editquota now accepts unlimited.
    • ListIPs works if the reseller does not have admin privilege.
    • ListIPs does not fault if the account does not have any IPs.
    • InstallIPs can now handle long certificate hashes.
    • Addzonerecords can add txt records.
    • Setacls supports .Net features.
    • Listcrts does not fault if user does not have SSL feature.
    • Createacct can now create child reseller.
    • Createacct can now create a new plan.
    • Createacct now allows unlimited bandwidth.
    • Createacct can now apply an existing role (feature list).
    • Createacct is enhanced to assign mail, MySQL and MS SQL Servers.
    • Editpkg maxlist and maxaddon now work.
    • Listcerts does not fault if account does not have certs.
    • Listresellers now returns the list of resellers.
    • Listsuspended now returns the list of accounts.
    • GenerateSSL returns a correct error code if dates are not specified.
    • Setacls name argument is no longer case sensitive.
    • The server name is now case insensitive in reboot, restartservice, servicestatus and configureservice.
    • Modifyacct correctly assigns role (feature list).
    • The role name is now case insensitive in resellerstats, setacls, editpkg, createacct and modifyacct.
    • The arguments "null" and "unlimited" are now case insensitive in all functions.
    • Ownernames are now case insensitive in editpkg, setacls, createacct and modifyacct.
    • Listaccts does not fault if the search returns no results.

7 July 2011

This release fixes several bugs:

  • Searches for the Bandwidth Report failed on servers with Chinese Windows.
  • The WSO page for Password Protect Directories failed to load.
  • On a few heavily loaded servers the DNS records for the sub-domains were not created correctly or the Enkompass WCF Service faulted.

23 June 2011

This release fixes several bugs:

  • Plans copied to a reseller by Admin cause a fault in the resellers Manage Plan page.
  • Resellers could not edit their contact information.
  • The “Keep Copy of Message” option on the Email Forwarders Page did not work reliably in SmarterMail.

17 June 2011

  • Admin is now warned in the upgrade emails not to reboot the servers while Enkompass is updating the servers.
  • Providers and handlers specified in web.config are now allowed to load on the web servers.
  • Custom themes are correctly passed down to the reseller's children.
  • When you log into MailEnable through the Mail users Interface the mail account is no longer case-sensitive.

13 June 2011

  • Classic ASP is installed and supported on all web servers.
  • ASP.Net Version 4.0 is installed and supported on all web servers.
  • If ASP.Net 1.1 is installed on a web server then accounts can use it. See the cPanel Web Site for instructions on manually installing ASP.Net 1.1 on your servers.
  • Create Account and Modify Account are enhanced for selecting Classic ASP, the ASP.Net Version and the Pipeline Mode.
  • The Framework Page is added to the Web Site Owner Interface. The owner can select Classic ASP, the ASP.Net Version and the Pipeline Mode.
  • The default web sites created during account creation are now html sites instead of .Net resulting in less memory usage.
  • The list of default documents is reordered and expanded to: index.php, Default.htm, Default.asp, index.htm, index.html, iisstart.htm, default.aspx, index.aspx, index.asp and default.html.
  • Search boxes are improved and are moved to the top of the pages.
  • Enkompass can create simple Billing Reports with usage data for resellers and specific accounts.
  • The Manage Accounts Page has been enhanced with icons for DNS, Billing and impersonating an account in the Web Site Owner Interface.
  • A new Bandwidth Logging and Limiting System is in use. The Enkompass IIS Bandwidth Provider is eliminated along with the separate Enkompass bandwidth logs. Bandwidth usage is periodically collected from IIS Logs and stored in a database. Only the latest data is read from the log files, reducing load on the servers.
  • Attractive Login pages for Reseller Interface, Mail Interface and the Web Site Owner Interface are included.
  • Status messages are displayed in a more attractive format.
  • The List Account Page displays the Disk and Bandwidth Limits along with the usage.
  • The backup system was rewritten to lower load on the Enkompass server and to provide more granularity during restores. Certificates, Account Settings, Email, Databases, DNS, Domains, FTP and Reseller Data can be restored individually. Many checks were added to prevent a restore from exceeding account limits.
  • You can choose a default page to open when you log into the Reseller Interface.
  • Programmers can add their own hooks to the Enkompass WCF Service. These can extend or replace the WCF Service. See the cPanel Web Site for instructions.
  • A self documenting emulation of the cPanel & WHM XML API is included along with a new Web Page to generate a unique key for authenticating the connection. The XML API is a beta release.
  • The Server Manager Page is enhanced with icons to indicate the Enkompass and Active Directory Servers. An icon is also provided for Rebooting individual Servers.
  • Domain Validity Options are added to Tweak Settings that allow the administrator to turn off some domain checks when creating accounts.
  • Globally Enabling PHP for all accounts is removed. You can now specify a default version of PHP to be used by accounts that have the PHP feature.
  • Multiple Mail Forwarders are now supported.
  • The web pages work with Internet Explorer 9.
  • Enkompass emails the administrator once when an update is available.
  • When an update is available, an icon is shown on the home frame after the administrator logs in.
  • Multiple update tiers are now supported. The updates can be pulled from Edge, Stable and Release builds when available.
  • Enkompass installs PHP 5.3.6.

16 May 2011

  • Redirections will not write an invalid applicationhost.config if the URL contains >, <, ", ', or an ampersand.
  • A rounding error for sites using less than 1 MB of bandwidth was corrected in the email sent to admin when the bandwidth process finished.

25 April 2011

  • The MS SQL User Privileges page in WSO was changed. Deny privileges are moved to their own section and are not included in the select all feature.
  • Changes were made to delete plans:
    • The role used in that plan will not be deleted with the plan.
    • If any account using that plan has an installed certificate, the plan cannot be deleted. Please remove the certificates first.
    • All accounts that were using the deleted plan will inherit the last plan settings except that the role will be set to none.
  • A progress indicator is shown when you manually upgrade Enkompass at the server.

11 April 2011

This release fixes several bugs:

  • Dragging sections on the WSO Home Page now works with Internet Explorer 9.
  • The WSO Home Page loads faster if PHP is enabled and the account has numerous domains.
  • File Manager will report communication errors with the remote computer instead of hanging.
  • File Manager will correctly determine the file size before extracting a file.
  • An IP address can be removed from the pool, even if it is the last one available.
  • Admin can unreserve an IP address even it has servers or domains assigned to it.
  • The cancel button will cancel the Delete feature of Manage Plans.
  • When you change the disk quota of a plan, the new quota will be applied to all existing accounts.
  • Create Account incorrectly reported a database server was down when it really was a mail server.
  • Enkompass will now install on servers that have an apostrophe in the name of the localization file.
  • Enkompass will now run on the Chinese versions of Windows Server 2008.
  • MailEnable accounts can have a single “s” in the domain name.
  • Create Account will display the roles for the selected owner, not the logged in user.

18 March 2011

  • Bug Fix: If the Enkompass server did not have enough memory or disk space to perform an upgrade, an email was sent to admin, even though an upgrade was not available.
  • Behavior change at customer request: During an upgrade the Enkompass CustLogModuleIIS7 'lockItem' attribute is now set to false. This allows server administrators to manually remove the Enkompass Custom Logging Module and set the default pipeline to .Net 4.

16 March 2011

  • Enkompass now supports multiple versions of PHP 5:
    • One copy of PHP is installed on a share for all accounts in the Enkompass System.
    • PHP can be turned on or off for each account.
    • PHP versions can be assigned for each domain (main, addon, and subdomains).
    • WSO user is warned at login if using an older PHP version.
  • When an account password is changed, the WSO user is automatically re-authenticated. They won't need to log in again.
  • The Web Server section is added to SAI:
    • Admin can now force a rewrite of ApplicationHost.config on all web servers.
    • A page is added for Global control of PHP.
  • The Enkompass Updater has been enhanced:
    • If an update requires rebooting the servers, then an email will be sent to admin.
    • It will delay the update and send an email to Admini if:
      • a server is already waiting for a reboot
      • there is insufficient memory for the update
      • there is insufficient disk space
    • Admin can choose to have the server automatically restarted.
    • IIS is only restarted if necessary and only once.
  • Index.asp, index.aspx and index.php are added to the list of default web pages.
  • The default website that is created for a new account identifies the website and IP it is serving on.
  • The default FTP account cannot be deleted.
  • An AIM notification is sent when an account is restored.
  • Domains can now be redirected to IP addresses with an optional port number.
  • Enkompass now supports MailEnable 5.06. Note that MailEnable 5.05 is defective and cannot be used.
  • If the cPanel license cannot be verified, WSO is not functional and SAI is very limited.
  • An explanation has been placed on web pages where the changes must wait for IIS to read the configuration files.
  • Enkompass was tested with Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 before and after the install of Enkompass.

19 January 2011

  • Fix to solve the problem of FTP passwords could not be changed after the main account password was changed.

12 January 2011

  • The updater will now work correctly if you have changed the Admin password since installation.
  • The updater will not proceed if you changed the password for the account used to install Enkompass and it's services.
  • Raw Access logs in WSO will report correctly across the end of the year.
  • Analog Stats in WSO will report correctly across the end of the year.

10 January 2011

  • Change password resets account, main email, main FTP and main database passwords from SAI and WSO
  • ApplicationHost.config is now written from cPanel libraries. Memory problems using Microsoft Server Management class are eliminated.
  • A unique ApplicationHost.config is created for each web server which only contains the settings for web sites that can serve from that server.
  • Configuration data for ApplicationHost.config is stored in a Postgres database and not in the xml file.
  • A unique instance of Postgres is installed for exclusive use by Enkompass.
  • Changes to ApplicationHost.config are saved an applied every 10 minutes and only if needed.
  • Websites are loaded into ApplicationHost.config and then started a few minutes later. This fixes the website stopping problem.
  • Entries for password protected directories are in web.config not ApplicationHost.config.
  • Custom MIME types can be created for sub and add- on domains.
  • Custom Error types can be created for sub and add- on domains.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are added to all web pages. You can now use tab, arrow keys and the enter key.
  • The External Name field is added to the Configure Server Page in Server Manager. This sets the externally referenced address used by web mail and database servers.
  • Better instructions are added to the Server Manager Pages to explain the use of accounts and passwords.
  • Long instructions in SAI now show three lines of text by default and expand to the full text.
  • The Usage Tab in View IP Usage is easier to read.
  • The Assigned Tab in View IP Usage can be sorted by IP or Server.
  • The emails from the Bandwidth Limiting Service are sorted by Suspended, Unsuspended and Not Limited Accounts.
  • The emails from the System Backup Service are sorted by Successful, Unsuccessful and Omitted from Backups.
  • Account Backups from WSO can now be moved to other Enkompass installations.
    • Databases and emails will be restored to the currently assigned server.
    • Account limits are checked before restoring and an email is sent to the account holder is their new account limits prevent a complete restore.
  • System backups will not recreate Reseller Accounts and loose the child accounts.
  • Change a MS SQL User Password in SAI can now handle large numbers of databases and users.
  • Change a MySQL User Password in SAI can now handle large numbers of databases and users.
  • Check/Repair a MS SQL Database in SAI can now handle a large number of databases.
  • Check/Repair a MySQL Database in SAI can now handle a large number of databases.
  • Add IP Addresses is enhanced to allow the Administrator to ping the IP addresses befor adding them to the pool.
  • The Remove Current IP Page is enhanced to show what account owns an IP, the Server it is installed on and how it is used.
  • Manage Blacklists is simplified and more reliable.
  • Copy Themes now copies standard and custom themes among resellers.
  • Themes with spaces in the name are not allowed.
  • Manage Plans is rewritten to make plan management faster and easier.
  • Status messages in SAI are displayed in the same place under the page header.
  • Enkompass can now be upgraded from RC0, Version 1.04 and Version 1.07.
    • It is recommended that you have 4 GB of memory to try this.
    • Enkompass technical Support must do the upgrade from RC0.
    • You must purchase a license to upgrade from RC0.
    • Services must be stopped before upgrading from RC0.
  • We modified IIS to allow more than one httpModule to load. Modules other than the Enkompass Custom Logging Module can be loaded now.
  • WSO users are logged out during system upgrades.
  • The Enkompass update will work on servers that do not use US regional Settings.
  • Web Pages for each Enkompass version have a unique URL and are cached by the browser.
  • My Resources is added to Configure Resources so a Reseller and Admin can see the resources assigned to him.
  • IP Management was rewritten with extensive error checking for ownership and dedicated IP's.
  • Certificates are removed from the server when an account that owned them is deleted.
  • The Initial Setup Wizard has been enhanced:
    • It leads you through setting up the Notifications for the Administrator.
    • Setting up Email Blacklists is simplified.
  • Memory Settings in Tweak Settings is fixed.
  • The licensing system creates less network traffic.
  • During installation you may choose to use Windows Disk Quotas.
    • You can now use network storage that does not support Quotas.
    • Quota Management will disappear from the Enkompass Pages.
  • Monitor Services will report an error if SmarterMail is running in single domain mode and not Lite or better.
  • The Bandwidth Report Menu warns you before running the processor intensive Bandwidth Service.
  • Manage Bandwidth Exceeders Menu warns you before running the processor intensive Bandwidth Service.
  • Twitter Notifications are upgraded to the new Twitter Authorization scheme.
  • IP's can now be removed from the pool if the server is not available.
  • WSO System Restore now shows the newest backup available; not the oldest.
  • SmarterMail 7.x is supported.
  • Removed pager number from Installer.
  • Problems unsuspending some accounts are solved.
  • Robust Javascript validation of Overselling limits is added.
  • Web sites are restarted on all servers, not just the Enkompass Server.
  • Enkompass settings are backed up daily in the system backup folder.
  • Enkompass now installs PHP 5.3.4.
  • Permissions for PHP have been enhanced to improve security.
  • Licensing works correctly on servers with multiple IP's
  • Fix for internationalization bug in scheduling triggers.
  • Licensing works correctly on servers with names longer than 15 characters.
  • Numerous Usability Improvements to WSO Pages.
  • MSSQL Permissions are changed to prevent viewing the names of other user's databases.

23 October 2010

  • Bug Fix - Push the blacklist to a mail server when the mail server is added to Enkompass.
  • Bug Fix - Instruct users to remove certificates for a dedicated IP before removing the IPAddress.
  • Bug Fix - Make sure accounts without certificate privilages can be deleted.
  • Bug Fix - Allow redirection of an entire web site (not just a page) when using an Add On Domain.
  • Bug Fix - Only the first web site using a shared IP could start because of an incorrect binding.
  • Bug Fix - Use the External Name (IP address or FQDN) for a Mail server for the listen address to avoid confusion if the server has both internally and externally routable IP addresses.

12 July 2010

  • Improved reporting for Service Monitoring
  • Improved display in Server Manager
  • Private copy of the database installed on a unique port
  • No updates from Release Candidates - Please contact cPanel support for upgrades
  • No installs without a license - Please obtain a license before installing Enkompass

6 July 2010

  • New Release of Enkompass 1.0
  • Elimination of IIS Shared Configuration
  • PHPMyAdmin included for WSO Users
  • SQL Web Adminitrator included for WSO Users
  • Analog Stats Report added
  • Real Time Black Lists for Mailenable and SmarterMail
  • PHP 5.3.2 For all web sites
  • Multiple instances of MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Bandwidth usae page for WSO
  • Web Mail Interface for WSO
  • Overselling for Resellers


16 April 2010

  • Update of RC0 to work with Windows Server 2008 R2 and mixed systems of R1 and R2
  • Support for SmarterMail Lite 6.7
  • Updated to work with Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS


7 November 2009

  • Security improvments to Web pages
  • Reseller Center and Manage Accounts Remember Pages when Navigating Back
  • Changes to FTP Permissions for Shared Directories not on the Enkompass server.
  • Reserved IP's cannot be placed on Server Network Cards.
  • Improvements to the Account Creation Limits Pages to show number of accounts already created.
  • Reliability improvments to protect IIS Shared Configuration File.
  • Forced all IIS updates to occur in one commit action for Create Account and other IIS related actions
  • Allowed $’s to be used in password for protected directories.
  • Enhanced logging on terminate accounts with database servers.


9 October 2009

  • Corrected an error that kept the service monitoring service from starting on update
  • Corrected a situation where the error box popup may show under the layer you are working with
  • Put the correct icon in WSO under Raw Access Logs
  • Corrected an issues in SAI where pages would formatted using centered alignment versus left
  • Simplified the account creation limits for resellers
  • Disabled Restart Websites on accounts that have been suspended
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing users to unsuspend accounts
  • Increased network thresholds for license checks within the installer and services
  • Corrected an error where the access hosts were not being added on the MySQL user page in WSO
  • Added characters to the validation for password protected directories
  • Fixed a problem with modifying a users plan in manage accounts
  • Fixed layout issue with large number of IPs in Server Manager
  • Fixed problem with modifying the plans in Manage Users
  • Updated the installer to be more tolerant of TCP timeouts
  • Fixed FTP password validation errors


2 October 2009

  • Hello World!
  • We are proud to publicly offer Enkompass by cPanel

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