DNS Functions

For WHM version 11.40

(Home >> DNS Functions)

This area of WHM provides access to some basic functions relating to your server’s Domain Name System (DNS) data.

Helpful links: If you are using named (BIND) as your nameserver software, you can learn more about it at BIND's website. If you are using NSD (Name Server Daemon), you can learn more about it at NSD's website.

  • Add a DNS Zone — This feature allows you to set up a DNS zone on your server. A DNS zone is an administrative space or portion of the domain name system. This space is responsible for directing traffic to the correct locations.

  • Delete a DNS Zone — This tool allows you to delete DNS zones from your server. You may delete multiple zones at once, or delete a single zone.

  • Edit DNS Zone — This feature allows you to edit the records in a domain’s DNS zone file.

  • Edit MX Entry — This WHM feature lets you list destination mail servers, designating a priority value to each, 0 being the highest priority.

  • Edit Zone Templates — If you have a custom DNS setup, you may wish to edit the templates that WHM and cPanel use to create DNS zone files for new domains.

  • Nameserver IPs — This feature allows you to add and remove nameserver IP addresses on your server. This is useful if you need to modify the nameserver configuration you already set up using the Basic cPanel & WHM Setup screen.

  • Perform a DNS Cleanup — This function is useful if your BIND configuration file has become corrupted, or if you have duplicate nameserver configuration files which are causing DNS problems for your server.

  • Reset a DNS Zone — This feature allows you to reset a selected DNS zone file to its default values.

  • Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding — This feature allows you to redirect one domain to another domain. This is useful, for example, for temporarily redirecting visitors while a site is down for maintenance.

  • Synchronize DNS Records — This feature is useful if you are using a DNS cluster setup, but find that some servers in the cluster are giving outdated responses to DNS queries. This feature can compare zone files among servers, recognize which are the most up-to-date, and update the servers in the cluster.

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