Nameserver Selection

For WHM version 11.40

(Home >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection)

About nameservers

This feature allows you to select BIND, NSD, or MyDNS as your nameserver software. You can also disable DNS.

We recommend that you do not start your nameservers unless you plan to use them.

Nameservers match domain names to IP addresses. When a visitor attempts to find a website hosted by your server, his computer will ask a nameserver for the IP address for the domain he wishes to view. The nameserver will, in turn, return the IP address for your web server, directing the visitor to the proper page.

You will need nameservers in order to propagate your server’s domain names. These nameservers, when properly configured, will communicate with other nameservers to spread the records of sites hosted on your server. The period during which this occurs is known as the propagation period — the time it takes for a new website’s IP information to spread accross the Internet. During this time, not everyone across the Internet will be able to access websites hosted on your server. It may take up to a week for the record of a website to spread (propagate) across the Internet.

Selecting or disabling the nameserver

To select a nameserver:

  1. Select either BIND, NSD, or MyDNS.
    • note Note: Using NSD or MyDNS requires that external nameserver IPs be added to the resolv.conf file.
  2. Click Save.

To disable the nameserver:

  1. Select Disabled.
  2. Click Save.

PICK Remember: If you intend to host websites on your server, you will need to configure your nameservers. Without nameservers, visitors would not be able to reach sites hosted on your server when they enter a URL into a browser.

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