Edit System Mail Preferences

For WHM version 11.40

(Home >> Server Contacts >> Edit System Mail Preferences)

This feature allows you to define how mail should be handled for 3 important email addresses. These addresses are root, nobody, and cpanel.

  • The root account receives email regarding problems and activity on the server. This is the server administrator’s main contact address.
    • If you do not forward root mail, it is sent to root@hostname.example.com, where hostname.example.com is the server's hostname. The hostname value is configured on the WHM Change Hostname screen.
    • ALERT! Warning: If you do not forward this account's email, you may not receive it, due to the way the system is configured.
  • The nobody account receives bounce messages sent by CGI scripts when suEXEC is disabled.
    • If you do not forward nobody email, it is sent to nobody@hostname.example.com.
  • The cpanel email account receives alerts sent from users’ cPanel accounts, such as quota and bandwidth overage notices.
    • If you do not forward cpanel email, it is sent to cpanel@hostname.example.com.

Since you cannot use cPanel to access email sent to these addresses, we recommend that you forward all of these accounts to a cPanel email account. Many administrators commonly forward mail for nobody and cpanel to the root account. Then, in turn, they forward mail for root to another email account on the system.

How to forward mail for root, nobody, or cpanel

To forward an account’s mail:

  1. Enter the destination address into the Mail should be forwarded to field.
    • You can also enter a cPanel username. If you do this, WHM will forward the mail to the cPanel account's default address. You can check this mail by clicking Access Webmail on the Email Accounts screen, under the Default Email Account heading.
  2. Click Change.

If you choose not to forward email for these accounts, you can access the mail by using an email client like Pine to log into each account. Supply the mail client with your root WHM password.

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