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API1 Module Listing

Click a module's name to view its functions.

  • Bandwidth — The Bandwidth module allows you to view bandwidth usage.

  • BoxTrapper — This module allows access to the BoxTrapper sub-system.

  • Branding — The Branding module allows access to cPanel's theming system. You may also use this module to list cPanel applications a particular user can access.

  • Cgi — Provides the URLs to the various 3rd party applications within cPanel

  • Chkservd — Allows users to retrieve service status and the ports that exim is listening on

  • ClamScanner — Allow users to initiate virus scanning

  • cPAddons — Allows users to install 3rd party applications to their document root

  • Cron — The Cron module allows you to schedule tasks in cron.

  • CustInfo — The CustInfo module allows users to specify contact information and preferences.

  • DenyIp — Provides access into the cPanel Deny IP Feature

  • DiskUsage — Provides the ability to view DiskUsage information

  • Email — This module allows you to access email account functions.

  • Fileman — The Fileman module provides access to file functions such as listing directories and viewing files.

  • Frontpage — Allows you to install/uninstall frontpage from a specific account

  • Ftp — The Ftp module allows you to manage FTP accounts.

  • Gpg — The Gpg module allows users to create and manage GnuPG keys.

  • Htaccess — Allows you to access the .htaccess handling functionality such as password protecting directory.

  • ImageManager — Allows for the creation of thumbnails, image resizing and other misc image handling functions.

  • Leechprotect — Allows the ability to enable cPanel's Leech Protect feature.

  • LeechProtect — Handling of cPanel's Leech Protect feature

  • LogManager — This module allows the ability to change a user's log retention policies

  • MagicRevision — Allows access to the Magic URL cPanel subsystem

  • Mime — This module allows users to create and manage redirects.

  • Mysql — The Mysql module allows you to manage MySQL Databases, users and other related settings.

  • Net — This module allows you to access networking functions.

  • News — Allows the ability to print server-wide news.

  • NVData — The NVData module provides access to cPanel's non-volatile datastore. This datastore is used for saving data between sessions.

  • OptimizeWS — Allows a user to tweak settings such as gzip http compression

  • Park — The Park module allows you to manage parked domains.

  • Postgres — This module allows you to access cPanel's PostgreSQL functions.

  • ProxyUtils — Allows users to retrieve URLs to the Proxy Domain URLs for cPanel/WHM/etc

  • Resellers — Allows a reseller to view system-wide information while logged into an account.

  • Serverinfo — Allows for a user to retrieve the server status

  • SetLang — Allows for a user to change their language

  • SpamAssassin — Allows users to change their SpamAssassin Settings

  • SSH — The SSH module allows you to create, modify, and retrieve SSH keys.

  • SSL — This module allows users to control their CRTs, CSRs, and keys.

  • StatManager — Allows for modifications to stats programs

  • Stats — Allows a user to view statistics information

  • SubDomain — This module allows users to control their subdomains.

  • UI — Misc. UI functions

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