• EasyApache3?
Apache and cPanel & WHM

The Apache Configuration File & Building Apache?

How httpd.conf Is Processed?

EasyApache and PHP [+] [-]

  Choosing Which Apache to Build?

  Choosing Which PHP Version to Build?

  The Options Lists?

  Apache PHP Request Handling?

  PHP Extensions?

  User-Level PHP Customization?

  Hardening PHP?

  Error: "PEAR: command not found"

Apache and PHP Customization [+] [-]

  Saving Custom Options?

  Modifying Environmental Variables?

  Using Custom Configure Flags?

  Distributing EasyApache Files Over Multiple Servers?

  Creating Automated Post-Production Tests?

Custom Directives to httpd.conf [+] [-]

  Custom Directives Outside of a Virtual Host?

  Changes Contained Within a Virtual Host

FrontPage® Support?

Known Issues

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