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Valid for versions 100 through the latest version



Last modified: July 8, 2022



We removed the Paper Lantern theme in cPanel & WHM version 108. This interface does not exist in the Jupiter theme.

Use this interface to choose a style in order to customize the cPanel interface’s appearance.


For the purposes of cPanel, L.L.C.’s products and documentation, we use the following terms:

  • Branding — Branding modifies the cPanel interface in order to match your company’s logo and brand.

    • Branding changes include updates to image assets or text labels.

    • For more information, read our Branding documentation.

  • Includes — UI includes add custom content to the header or footer of the cPanel interface (but not the WHM interface).

    • You can create UI includes for specific cPanel interfaces, or global UI includes that display on all of cPanel’s interfaces.

    • For more information, read our UI Includes documentation.

  • Plugin — A plugin modifies an interface’s features or functionality, and it may also include changes to the interface’s appearance.

    • You can write plugins for the cPanel or WHM interfaces.

    • You can use the cPanel Style Guide to ensure that your interfaces match the appearance of standard cPanel interfaces.

    • For more information, read our Guide to cPanel Plugins documentation.

  • Style — A style uses CSS, images, and other assets to modify the appearance of the entire cPanel interface without changes to its functionality or features.

    • You can create and apply styles to an entire server or a specific reseller’s accounts, or you can create them for distribution.

    • For more information, read our cPanel Style Development documentation.

  • Theme — A theme applies an overlay on the skeletal framework for all of the interfaces.

    • cPanel & WHM currently ships with one default cPanel theme and one default WHM theme.

    • The Webmail and login interfaces also use themes.

Change the style

To change your interface’s style, click Apply for the desired style. The interface will refresh with the newly-selected style.

To set a style as the default style, click Set as Default for the desired style.


When you set a style as the default style, the system does not automatically apply that style to your account. You must also click Apply to apply that style for your account.

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