Create a Team User

Valid for versions 108 through the latest version



Last modified: November 22, 2022



Manage Team is an experimental feature. We do not recommend using this feature in production environments. It is currently under development and is only available to a limited number of cPanel & WHM customers. It will be available for testing in future releases. For more information about the development of Manage Team, read our Manage Team roadmap.

This interface lets you create a new team user. It is part of our Manage Team interface (cPanel » Preferences » Manage Team).

Create a Team User

To create a new team user, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Username text box, enter the username for the new team user. The username will always precede the cPanel account’s primary domain. For example, [email protected].

  2. In the Notes text box, enter any notes related to the new team user. The text box can contain up to 100 characters. This text box is optional.

  3. The Security Information settings allow you to increase the security of the new team user account. In the Password section, perform one of the following actions:


    Some hosting providers require a minimum password strength value. You must enter a password that meets this value.

    • Set the user’s password - Enter a secure password in the Password text box. For information on creating a secure password, read our Password and Security documentation.

    • The user will set the account password - Enter an email address for the new team user in the Contact Email text box. The system will email a password creation link to this address.

  4. To add the roles assigned to a team user, select the desired options from the menu.


    Manage Team is an experimental feature, and only the Email Administrator role is currently available. Other roles will be available in a future release.

  5. Click Create to create the new team user and return to the Manage Team interface. You can click Go Back to cancel this action and return to the Manage Team interface.

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