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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.46

(Home >> Security)


The following documents describe the interfaces of the cPanel Security box.

  • SSL/TLS Manager — This interface allows you to manage SSL/TLS keys, certificates, and signing requests. These interfaces are intended to make your website more secure.
  • SSH Shell Access — This interfaces allows you to connect to your server remotely.
  • HotLink Protection — This interfaces allows you to prevent the theft of bandwidth by other websites.
  • Leech Protect — This interfaces allows you to deny users the ability to share passwords publicly.
  • GnuPG Keys — This interfaces allows you to create and manage GnuPG keys, which use the “public key approach” to encryption.
  • ModSecurity — This interface allows you to enable or disable ModSecurity™ for your domains.
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