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This document is for a previous release of cPanel & WHM. To view our latest documentation, visit our Home page.

For cPanel & WHM 11.48

(Home >> Security Center >> Traceroute Enable/Disable)


Traceroute is a command-line network tool that determines the route that information packets travel across the Internet. This interface allows you to discover possible weaknesses that attackers might exploit, or to troubleshoot problems with the network.


The traceroute network tool is not related to cPanel's Email Trace interface (Home >> Mail >> Email Trace).

How to enable or disable traceroute

Click Enable to enable traceroute, or click Disable to disable traceroute.

Traceroute is disabled by default.

Traceroute file permissions

The system uses the permissions of the /bin/traceroute file to determine whether traceroute is enabled or disabled:

  • 755 indicates that traceroute is enabled.
  • 700 indicates that traceroute is disabled.

Advanced users can change the permissions for the /bin/traceroute file manually; however, the interface may not indicate these changes.