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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50

(Home >> Account Functions)

This interface allows you to perform several functions that relate to the creation and management of user (cPanel) accounts.

  • Change Site's IP Address — The Change Site’s IP Address interface allows you to select an account and change its IP address. 

  • Create a New Account — The Create a New Account interface allows you to create new cPanel accounts.
  • Email All Users — The Email All Users interface allows you to email every cPanel user simultaneously.
  • Force Password Change — The Force Password Change interface allows you to force any of your users to change their password.
  • Install Servlets — The Install Servlets interface allows you to install Tomcat Servlets for a domain. To install Servlets, select the account for which you wish to install Servlets and click Install.


    This option does not appear unless you install Tomcat on your server.

  • Limit Bandwidth Usage — The Limit Bandwidth Usage interface allows you to change the allotted bandwidth for an account.
  • Manage Demo Mode — The Manage Demo Mode interface allows you to turn any account on your server into a demo account.
  • Manage Shell Access — The Manage Shell Access interface allows you to manage which of your accounts can access your server remotely through the SSHD service. 


    You can use applications such as Terminal for Mac® or PuTTy for Windows® to access SSH.

  • Modify an Account — The Modify an Account interface allows you to select and redefine an account’s settings.
  • Password Modification — The Password Modification interface allows you to change passwords for any of your existing reseller or cPanel accounts.
  • Quota Modification — The Quota Modification interface allows you to change an account’s quota.


    The quota is the maximum amount of disk space that an account can use on your server.

  • Raw Apache Log Download — The Raw Apache Log Download interface allows you to download raw access logs of the Apache web server’s activities.


    The raw access log is a plain text file that lists every connection that remote systems made to a particular domain.

  • Raw FTP Log Download — The Raw FTP Log Download interface allows you to download a raw access log that details the FTP server’s activities.


    The raw access log is a plain text file that lists every connection that the system makes to a particular domain’s FTP server. Additionally, this log contains records of uploaded and downloaded files.

  • Rearrange an Account — The Rearrange an Account interface allows you to change the hard drive on which you wish to store an account.


    This interface is only relevant to servers with more than one hard disk.

  • Reset Account Bandwidth Limit — The Reset Account Bandwidth Limit interface allows you to reset the account's quota.


    If you changed an account's bandwidth quota from the setting that is in the account's package, use this feature to reset that account's quota. You must upgrade an account's bandwidth before this option appears.

  • Show Active and Inactive Accounts — The Show Active and Inactive Accounts interface allows you to review which accounts have an entry in the Apache configuration file.


    WHM only considers an account to be active if its domain and IP address has a valid entry within the httpd.conf file. To attempt to rebuild the inactive account’s data in the Apache configuration file on your server, click Reactivate Inactive Domains.

  • Skeleton Directory — The Skeleton Directory interface allows you to easily copy the same files into every new account’s public_html and public_ftp directories during the account creation process.
  • Terminate an Account — The Terminate an Account interface allows you to completely remove an account from your server.
  • Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders — The Unsuspend Bandwidth Exceeders interface allows you to simultaneously unsuspend all of the accounts that exceed their bandwidth.


    Accounts remain unsuspended until the next bandwidth check.

  • Web Template Editor — The Web Template Editor interface allows you to create placeholder web pages that appear to visitors who try to access a site on your server that is suspended, has moved, has not yet been configured, or has experienced a connection or firewall problem.