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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50

(Home >> Server Configuration >> Statistics Software Configuration)


This area allows you to select which statistical analysis software is available to your cPanel users.

Generators Configuration

Use the boxes to configure Analog, AWStats, Logaholic, and Webalizer to record your server’s statistics. You can also allow your cPanel users to view them.

In the screenshot below, the options are configured so that cPanel users are able to view the statistics generated by all four software options, because all of the boxes are selected.


The Generators Configuration area


  • Check Available to Users to make the program (or generator) available to the cPanel users who have the ability to change their web statistics software (set in the User Permissions section). cPanel users must still enable the program in order to view their website’s statistics.
  • Check Active by Default to configure cPanel accounts to view their website’s statistics with the selected software by default.
  • Programs must be selected as Available to Users before they can be selected as Active by Default.


Include a custom AWStats configuration file

If you wish to customize a user's configuration of AWStats:

  • Select Allow Awstats configuration Include file.
  • Add the configuration file to ~/tmp/awstats/awstats.conf.include


For more information, read the Awstats SourceForge page.