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This section of WHM allows you to manage your server's SQL databases.

  • Additional MySQL Access Hosts — This interface allows your users to remotely access MySQL® databases on your web server, or a remote MySQL server that you set up with the Setup Remote MySQL Server interface.
  • Change MySQL User Password — This interface allows you to change a database user's passwords. Because this feature does not require the old password, it is useful if a password is compromised or forgotten.
  • Configure PostgreSQL — This interface allows you to complete the PostgreSQL® installation process, create PostgreSQL users, and update the PostgreSQL password.


    This feature is for advanced users only. The WHM interface only displays this interface if you have already installed PostgreSQL on your server.

  • Database Map Tool — This interface allows you to grant database ownership to existing cPanel users.
  • Manage Database Users — This interface lists all of your server's database users and allows you to rename database users.
  • Manage Databases — This interface lists all of your server's databases and allows you to rename databases.
  • MySQL Root Password — This interface allows you to set a root MySQL password.


    Ensure that you use a very secure password, because if this password is compromised, the attacker will have access to any of your server's databases.


    • By default, MySQL's root account has no password.
    • You do not need to remember this password unless you plan to log in to any of your databases as the root user.
  • PhpMyAdmin — phpMyAdmin is a MySQL database management system. It allows you to access and edit your server's databases information. For more information, visit the PhpMyAdmin documentation.
  • Repair a MySQL Database  — This interface examines and attempts to repair database tables that may have become corrupt. To repair a database, select the database that you wish to repair from the Users list and click Repair Database. 


    To prevent performance issues, this interface does not support InnoDB tables for RoundCube databases. To determine the databases that contain tables would cause significant performance issues. For more information about InnoDB tables, read the InnoDB Repair Guide.

  • Show MySQL Processes — This interface lists any processes that currently run on any database on your server.
  • phpPgAdmin — phpPgAdmin is a PostgreSQL database management tool. You can use the phpPgAdmin utility to access and edit information contained within any of your server's databases. For more information, visit the phpPgAdmin documentation.