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For cPanel & WHM version 60

(Home >> Email)

This section of WHM allows you to configure and manage how your server handles email.

  • Mail Delivery Reports — This interface allows you to review information about the email messages that your server sent (for example, whether each message arrived successfully and details about each delivery attempt).
  • Mail Queue Manager — This interface allows you to manipulate mail messages that are in the mail queue.
  • Mailbox Conversion — This interface allows you to convert a cPanel account's mailboxes from maildir to mdbox format.
  • Repair Mailbox Permissions — This interface allows you to inspect mailbox ownerships and file permissions. You can also attempt to repair any contradictions that may exist in the mail system. To begin the process, click Proceed.
  • Spamd Startup Configuration — This interface allows you to configure the settings that the Apache SpamAssassin™ daemon (spamd) uses at startup.
  • View Mail Statistics Summary — This interface allows you to view statistics about mail that your server sends and receives over a defined period.
  • View Relayers — This interface lists the users whose accounts relay mail. Relayed mail is mail that user accounts on your server receive, and then forward to remote accounts.
  • View Sent Summary — This interface displays the total number of message delivery attempts that each domain on your server made over a defined period.

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