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For cPanel & WHM version 62

(Home >> Server Configuration >> Configure Nameservers)


This interface allows you to configure your server's nameservers.


The interface lists the following information for each of your server's registered nameservers:

  • Name— The nameserver's name.
  • Location — Whether the nameserver is local or remote.
    • LOCAL indicates that the nameserver is local.
    • REMOTE indicates that the nameserver is remote. You cannot edit remote nameservers.
  • Address — The nameserver's IP address.

Delete a nameserver

To delete a nameserver, click Delete next to the appropriate nameserver. Then, click Delete again to confirm the deletion.

Add a nameserver

To add a new nameserver to your server, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add below the table of nameservers. A new interface will appear.
  2. Enter the desired nameserver name in the Nameserver text box.
  3. Select the desired nameserver type from the Type menu. 
  4. Enter the nameserver's IP address, or select one from the Address menu.
  5. Click Add.

Additional documentation

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