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This documentation is for cPanel & WHM version 80 EDGE builds.  The "RELEASE" version of our documentation can be found in the Version 78 Documentation space.

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(WHM >> Home >> Software >> Install an RPM)


RPM® (RPM Package Manager) refers to a software format, the software that the RPM package contains, and the package management system.

Your cPanel & WHM server includes several pre-installed RPMs and the ability to install more. However, this interface allows you to install an RPM for the operating system distribution, rather than the cPanel-provided RPMs.

For more information about RPMs, visit the RPM website .


  • The interface requires several seconds to load due to the RPMs that reside on your server.
  • This interface only allows you to install RPMs that currently reside in your system's repositories. You cannot install RPMs from a third-party repository.
  • To troubleshoot any RPM installation failures that may occur, follow the steps in our RPM Installation Failures documentation.

Install an RPM

To install an RPM, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Select package to install menu, select the RPM that you wish to install.
  2. Click Install.

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