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This documentation is for cPanel & WHM version 80 EDGE builds.  The "RELEASE" version of our documentation can be found in the Version 78 Documentation space.

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(WHM >> Home >> Support >> Support Center)

The Support Center contains several links that allow you to access cPanel & WHM support features.


Use the following resources to help you administer your system and resolve issues.

Contact cPanel

Use the following links to contact cPanel to help you resolve issues.

  • Submit a Support Request — This link opens WHM's Create Support Ticket (WHM >> Home >> Support >> Create Support Ticket) interface. This interface allows you to create a new cPanel support request.


    For more information about how to log in to the cPanel Customer Portal and update your support requests, read our Contact cPanel documentation.

  • Grant cPanel Support Access — This interface allows you to configure access to your server for an open cPanel support request.