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This documentation is for cPanel & WHM version 80 EDGE builds.  The "RELEASE" version of our documentation can be found in the Version 78 Documentation space.

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(WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Terminal)


The Terminal interface allows you to access an in-browser terminal application for direct command-line access within a cPanel & WHM session.


Commands that you enter in this interface can render your server inoperable. We strongly recommend that only users with command-line experience use this feature.


  • Resellers must possess the Everything ACL for this interface to appear in WHM. For more information, read the Root Access section of our Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges documentation.
  • Alternatively, some resellers may be able to use cPanel's Terminal interface (cPanel >> Home >> Advanced >> Terminal).

The Terminal interface

Before you can access the terminal application, you must accept the warning noticeClick I understand and want to proceed.


This message does not appear in future sessions.

Terminate a session

When you end a session in the Terminal application, it terminates access to the interface's terminal window. To open another session, click Reconnect.

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