This documentation is for cPanel & WHM version 84 CURRENT builds.  The "RELEASE" version of our documentation can be found in the Version 82 Documentation space.

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cPanel & WHM uses the rpm.versions distribution management system to manage RPM packages. This system offers cPanel & WHM users consistent updates for packaged software, and easier installation and maintenance. 


This document does not include information for operating system-related RPMs.

  • To install operating system RPMs, use WHM's Install an RPM interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> Install an RPM).
  • To change how your server processes updates for these packages, use the Operating System Package Updates section of WHM's Update Preferences interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Update Preferences).



If you are new to the rpm.versions system, we recommend that you begin with the Introduction to the rpm.versions System documentation. 

Additional documentation