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With a cPanel Solo license, WHM users can manage a single cPanel account from the WHM interface. However, the cPanel Solo license limits the functionality that you would receive with a standard license.


  • The cPanel Solo license requires cPanel & WHM version 66.0.25 or later.
  • We do not support a downgrade from a Dedicated or VPS license to a cPanel Solo license.

Removed interfaces

You cannot access the following interfaces with a cPanel Solo license. To access the following features, upgrade your account:

Section nameInterfacesDescription


Modify an Account (formerly Change Ownership of an Account).

This interface allows you to make changes to an existing account.

Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts

This interface allows you to transfer multiple accounts to a reseller.

Email All Resellers

This interface allows you to email every cPanel reseller simultaneously.

Manage Reseller's IP Delegation

This interface allows you to control a reseller's access to the server's IP addresses.

Manage Reseller's Shared IP

This interface allows you to specify a shared IP address for a reseller.

Reset Resellers

This interface allows you to reset package permissions or apply Account Creation Limits (ACLs) to resellers.
View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status This interface allows you to view your resellers’ disk space and bandwidth usage.
Multiaccount Functions

Change Multiple Sites' IP Addresses

This interface allows you to change the IP addresses of multiple accounts simultaneously.

Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts

This interface allows you to simultaneously change the attributes of multiple accounts to use the same settings.


Convert Addon Domain to Account

This interface allows you to convert an existing addon domain into a cPanel account.

Modified interfaces

The following interface appears slightly modified for the cPanel Solo license:

Section nameInterfacesDescription
Account Functions

Create a New Account

This interface allows you to create new cPanel accounts.


If you already own at least one account and you attempt to create an account, you will receive the following message:

Account Creation Status: failed
Creating the account would exceed the number of licensed users. Please upgrade your license and try again.