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WHM plugins add new functionality to the WHM interface. WHM plugins add icons that link to new WHM interfaces, other files, or other locations to the WHM Plugins interface (Home >> Plugins).


Plugin development workflow

When you create a WHM plugin, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Create your custom application (the plugin's backend code).

  2. Create the plugin's interfaces and other files.

  3. Create an installation script.


    This script should register your plugin with AppConfig and perform several other actions.

  4. Create your plugin's AppConfig configuration file.

  5. Compress your plugin's files for distribution.

    • We recommend that you compress your plugin's files into a tarball (.tar.gz) file for ease of distribution.
    • For most plugins, the compressed file should contain the application source files, the AppConfig configuration file, an upgrade script, and an installation script.
  6. Distribute your plugin. When you distribute this plugin across multiple servers, system administrators must perform the following actions manually:

    • Decompress the plugin's .tar.gz file.
    • Run the installation script.