Calendar and Contacts Server Release Notes

This page was last updated on: Nov 18, 2019


The plugin is EXPERIMENTAL. The plugin is unstable and can result in unintended consequences. Exercise caution when you enable this plugin. This feature’s behavior may change in a future version.

Calendars and Contacts Server version 3.0

Release December 2019

  • In Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) version 3.0, we updated the configuration so that the CCS plugin now listens on ports 2079 and 2080. These ports previously served Horde’s calendar interface over the cpdavd daemon.
  • New installations of the Calendar and Contacts Server 3.0 will perform the following imports. CCS will import all of the cPanel and Webmail users’ data.
    • A one-time import of calendar and event data from Horde’s calendaring system.
    • A one-time import of contact data from Horde’s contacts system.

      CCS will perform this import only on new installations. Updates to CCS will not perform this action.

  • CCS calendar information now appears in Roundcube’s calendar.

Calendar and Contacts Server version 2.0

Released June 2019

In Calendar and Contacts Server version 2.0, we updated the plugin to support Server Name Indicaion (SNI).

Calendar and Contacts Server version 1.0

Released March 2019

In cPanel & WHM version 80, we released the Calendar and Contacts Server plugin. This plugin allows you to connect your CalDAV and CardDAV accounts to your cPanel accounts.

  • CalDAV allows users to access calendar data. Users can also schedule events with internal and external users.
  • CardDAV allows users to access and share contact data.

The CCS plugin is compatible CentOS 7, CloudLinux 7, and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7. The plugin is not compatible with CentOS 6, CloudLinux 6, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6, and Amazon Linux.

When you install this plugin, the Calendar and Contacts Server becomes the main calendar and contacts tool for your server. You can install the Calendar and Contacts Server plugin from WHM’s Manage Plugins interface (WHM >> Home >> cPanel >> Manage Plugins). Your server retains the information available in the calendar and contacts tool in Horde’s Calendar section. However, users will no longer be able to view the data on their Horde calendars or address book.

After you install the plugin, you can access the calendar’s web interface from port 8443. For more information, read our Calendar and Contacts Server Plugin documentation.

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