WordPress Toolkit

Last modified: October 20, 2020


WordPress Toolkit is a management interface that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress®. WordPress Toolkit is available in both a Lite and Deluxe version. WordPress Toolkit Deluxe requires that you purchase a license.

How to use WordPress Toolkit

Read the Plesk WordPress Toolkit documentation for more information on how to use WordPress Toolkit.

Feature Comparison

The following chart shows the differences between WordPress Toolkit Lite, WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, and WordPress Manager.

Feature WordPress Manager WordPress Toolkit Lite WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Customizable Installation
Manage Existing Installations
Website Dashboard
Change Admin Password
Change DB Password
Restore Backups
Manual Updates
1-Click Login
Open DB in phpMyAdmin
Single Site Auto Updates
Search Engine Indexing Management
Automatic Hardening
Password Protection
Maintenance Mode
Debug Management
Plugin & Theme Sets Management
1-Click Hardening
Mass Hardening
Multisite Auto Updates
Security Rollback
Smart Updates

Activate package and purchase license

  • To buy a WordPress Toolkit Deluxe license through Manage2, you must be a cPanel Partner.
  • The cPanel Store will offer WordPress Toolkit Deluxe licenses at a later date.

To use WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, you must first activate the WordPress Toolkit package on our Manage2 site and then purchase a license. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Manage2.
  2. From the Manage2 Dashboard interface, under the Licenses section, click WordPress Toolkit Activation. The WordPress Toolkit Partner Product Term of Use agreement will appear.
  3. In the Agreed to on by (Full name) text box, enter your name and click I Agree. A confirmation message will appear and display your Activated package name.
  4. Navigate to Manage2’s Add License interface (Dashboard >> Licenses >> Add License).
  5. Use the available text boxes and menus to specify the server’s IP address, Group, and Package.
  6. Click Add License. A confirmation message will appear.

Install WordPress Toolkit


WordPress Toolkit Lite and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe are compatible with the following operating systems and cPanel and WHM versions:

  • Operating Systems: CentOS 7, CloudLinux 6 (Coming Soon), CloudLinux 7 (Coming Soon)
  • cPanel & WHM versions: 86 LTS, 90, 92

Installation through Feature Showcase

To install WordPress Toolkit from the WHM’s Feature Showcase interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Enable in the Install WordPress Toolkit section of the WHM Feature Showcase interface.
    • The next time root or a root-enabled reseller logs in to the server, WordPress Toolkit will appear in Feature Showcase
  2. Click Save Settings.

Manual Installation

To install WordPress Toolkit manually from the command line, run the following command:

sh <(curl https://wp-toolkit.plesk.com/cPanel/installer.sh || wget -O - https://wp-toolkit.plesk.com/cPanel/installer.sh)

Managing Account Access


The following Feature Manager items are required to manage WordPress Toolkit Lite and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe.

  • WordPress Toolkit Lite requires WordPress Toolkit.
  • WordPress Toolkit Deluxe requires WordPress Toolkit and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, as well as a WordPress Toolkit license.

To manage account access to WordPress Toolkit Lite and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, use the following interfaces to manage features, packages, and accounts:

  • WHM’s Feature Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Packages >> Feature Manager >> Feature Lists) to manage the features in existing feature lists or create new feature lists.


    You must enable the following features for users to run WordPress Toolkit:

    • MySQL
    • Subdomains
    • Mime
    • Cronjobs
    • Directory Privacy
    • Password & Security
    • File Manager

  • WHM’s Edit a Package interface (WHM >> Home >> Packages >> Edit a Package) to manage the feature list that existing packages use.

  • WHM’s Add a Package interface (WHM >> Home >> Packages >> Add a Package) to create a new package with new feature lists, if you plan to offer new packages to customers and resellers with these features.

  • WHM’s Modify an Account interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account) to change the package that each account uses.


We recommend creating a package for WordPress Toolkit Lite and a similar package for WordPress Toolkit Deluxe.

Additional Documentation