cPanel & WHM version 92 for CentOS 8

Last modified: March 23, 2021


This document details information for cPanel & WHM’s software releases for CentOS 8. cPanel & WHM version 92 is available for use in servers running CentOS 8.


cPanel & WHM version 92 for CentOS 8 is experimental software and is not recommended for production environments.

Upgrade to a later version of cPanel & WHM to use CentOS 8 and CloudLinux™ 8 in production environments.

Operating Systems

We’ve written this document for advanced WHM users who are familiar with installing CentOS in their servers. For more information, read our Installation Guide.

We tested cPanel & WHM version 92 in the following environments:

  • CentOS 8

Changes that impacted functionality

These are the biggest changes in CentOS 8 that affected functionality in cPanel & WHM:

  • CentOS 8 removed support for the TCP Wrappers package (tcp_wrappers).


Currently, functionality of cPanel & WHM version 92 for CentOS 8 is limited to the following interfaces and functions:

We haven’t tested the functionality for cPanel & WHM version 92 in the WHM interfaces and functions below. However, we plan on testing these in a future release:

Additional Documentation