How to Install ImunifyAV

Valid for versions 82 through 86




Last modified: October 1, 2020


ImunifyAV provides additional security by scanning for malware on your server. If ImunifyAV finds any malware, it notifies the user in the Files tab of the ImunifyAV interface (WHM >> Home >> Plugins >> ImunifyAV). You can buy a license for ImunifyAV+ or Imunify360 for even more advanced security features.

For more information about how to use ImunifyAV, read ImunifyAV’s documentation.

How to install imunifyAV

To install ImunifyAV on cPanel & WHM version 86 and earlier, you must manually install it. Use CloudLinux’s installation documentation.

How to uninstall ImunifyAV

To uninstall ImunifyAV, use CloudLinux’s uninstall documentation.

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