List Groups

Last modified: July 24, 2019


The List Groups interface displays all of your license groups.

  • By default, the List Groups interface only lists active licenses.
  • To display all of your licenses, click Show groups without active licenses at the top of the interface.

List Groups

The List Groups interface table displays the following options:

  • Main — The designated main license group. By default, the system uses this group in the Add License interface.
  • Group — The name of a group with an active license.
  • Charge Texas State Sales Tax — Whether Texas state sales tax applies to a license group.
  • Group ID — The identification (ID) of a license group.
  • License Count — The number of licenses in a license group.
  • Actions — Allows you to View, Modify, or Delete license groups:

    • View — Displays the View Group Licenses interface.

      You can expire or modify licenses in this interface.

    • Modify — Displays the Edit Group interface.

    • Delete — Removes a license group from your account.

      • You cannot delete your account’s main license group.
      • If active licenses exist in the license group that you wish to delete, assign the licenses to a new license group.
      • Expire licenses before you delete a license group. For more information on how to expire licenses, read our List Licenses documentation.

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