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  • Disable the shutdown port by default.
  • Set the xpoweredBy attribute of all Connectors to a false value.
  • Remove the redirectPort attribute. 
  • Add the ErrorReportValue class to all Hosts with the  showServerInfo value set to a false value.
  • Set the following Host attributes to a false value:
    • autoDeploy
    • deployOnStartup
    • deployXML

You may need to make additional security changes, depending on your system's Tomcat requirements. For more information, read Tomcat's Security Considerations documentation.


When you add a user with either the WHM's Tomcat Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Software >> Tomcat Manager) or the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/ea-tomcat85 script, the script creates an environment that the user can configure for their unique requirements. 

When a you assign Tomcat access to a cPanel user, the script assigns two ports to the user. You can find these port assignments in the /etc/cpanel/cpuser_port_authority.json  file and the user's  ~/ea-tomcat85/conf/server.xml file. 

You must configure any custom behavior manually. To change how Tomcat interacts with Apache, edit or create the appropriate file in the /etc/apache2/conf.d/userdata/ directory. For more information, read our Advanced Apache Configuration and Modify Apache Virtual Hosts with Include Files documentation. 

Proxy an app with Apache JServ Protocol (AJP)

Tomcat 8.5 can use AJP to serve applications in EasyApache 4. For more information, read our Tomcat Proxies documentation. 

LiteSpeed Web Server

If you wish to use LiteSpeed with Tomcat, your server must use the Tomcat instance's assigned port. LiteSpeed is Versions of LiteSpeed earlier than 5.3.5 (build 6) are not compatible with the ProxyPassMatch directive and will . This causes LiteSpeed to not proxy from the assigned port to port 80.  Update your LiteSpeed server to a newer, compatible version or use the Tomcat instance's assigned port.

Differences between Tomcat in EasyApache 3 and EasyApache 4


EasyApache 4 provides the mod_proxy_ajp Apache Apache module rather than the mod_jk connector.