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For cPanel & WHM version 11.50

(Home >> SSL/TLS)

This section of WHM includes several interfaces to help secure your server:


Different types of users have the following privileges to create an SSL certificate:

  • Website owners — A website owner (cPanel user) can only create an SSL certificate on their own domain that is hosted on a dedicated IP address.
  • Reseller — A reseller can create an SSL host on any of that reseller's dedicated IP addresses. You cannot dedicate this IP address to an SSL resource.
  • root — The root user, or a reseller with root privileges, can create an SSL certificate on any available IP address on the server. You cannot dedicate this IP address to an SSL resource.

Additional documentation

  • SSL FAQ and Troubleshooting — This document explains the basic concepts of SSL/TLS and how to solve common installation problems.
  • Change Site's IP Address — The Change Site’s IP Address interface allows you to change the IP address of an account. This is useful if, for example, you wish to dedicate a unique IP address to each reseller, or if you wish to host sites that use SSL certificates.