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This interface allows you to complete the PostgreSQL® installation process, create PostgreSQL users, and update the PostgreSQL password.

This interface's features are for advanced users only. The WHM interface only displays this interface if you have already installed PostgreSQL on your server.

Postgres Config Install

After you install PostgreSQL on your server via the command line, you must use this interface to complete the installation process. To do this, click Install Config.

Only use this feature to complete the PostgreSQL installation process. If a functional installation of PostgreSQL already exists on your server, this feature will overwrite the current pg_hba.conf file.

Create Postgres Users

If cPanel accounts already exist on your server, you must create PostgreSQL accounts after the PostgreSQL installation process finishes. To do this, click Create Users.

When you create new cPanel accounts on a server that already has PostgreSQL installed, the system automatically creates the new cPanel account's PostgreSQL user. Only use this feature to create PostgreSQL users for existing cPanel accounts, immediately after you install PostgreSQL.

Postgres Password

To update your PostgreSQL password, enter the new password in the text boxes and click Change Password.

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