To modify the settings for a new account, select the options you wish to apply to the account.

To access all of the options listed below, you must select Select Options Manually under the Package heading.

Setting list

Dedicated IPAssigns the new account a static IP address that will not be shared with other accounts unless the user specifies an account for which the IP address should be shared. This option is ideal for resellers. 
  • After you select the Dedicated IP box, select the IP address from the Select the IP Address menu, or select Auto-Assign to allow the system to assign an IP address automatically.
  • This list is populated by unreserved IP addresses. You can read more about reserved IP addresses.

If you create a package with this option enabled, you will not be able to change this option later. 

Shell AccessAllows the user access to the server through the command line interface.
FrontPage Extensions

Allows the user to install FrontPage® extensions to the new account.

We no longer provide FrontPage by default. This option will only be available if you install the Custom Module.

CGI AccessAllows the new account to execute CGI scripts.
Digest Authentication for Web Disk

Enables Digest Authentication support for Web Disk access over a clear text or unencrypted connection. This support is required for users with Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 operating systems. 

This is only required if your server does not have an SSL certificate that is signed by a recognized certificate authority. 

cPanel Theme

The theme for the user's cPanel account. 

You should choose x3 for accounts that will host websites, or x3mail for accounts that will only be mail servers. 

LocaleSelect the new account's language from the Locale menu.

If you have any package extensions installed and have chosen to set options manually, continue to the Package Extensions section. Otherwise, continue to the Reseller Settings section.