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This document describes how to install cPanel DNSONLY on your server. For more information about the cPanel DNSONLY product, read our cPanel DNSONLY documentation.

To use cPanel DNSONLY, your server must allow traffic on the following ports: 53, 953, and 2087. If you wish to allow the DNSONLY server to send email notifications, you must also open port 25.

Install cPanel DNSONLY

To install cPanel DNSONLY, run the following commands:

  1. To open the /home directory, run the following command:

    cd /home

  2. To install GNU Wget, which you can use to retrieve installation files through HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP, run the following command:

    yum install wget

  3. To fetch the latest installation files from cPanel's servers, run the following command:

    wget -N http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest

  4. To open and execute the installation files, run the following command:

    sh latest dnsonly

    To install cPanel DNSONLY on a 5.x version of CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or CloudLinux™, use the --force command line option when you run the installer. We strongly recommend that server administrators use the newest version of their operating system.

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