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This interface allows you to upload a custom logo, upload a favicon, and modify other aspects of the cPanel interface. Use this interface to quickly modify your users' cPanel dashboards without the need to develop a new style or write any custom CSS. 

This interface stores information in the reseller_info.json file, which exists in either the root user's or reseller's brand directory.

Upload custom items

Use the following diagram to see how each entry in the interface affects your customers' dashboard.



  1. Upload a custom favicon to change the default favicon. Click Choose File in the Favicon section to upload a custom favicon.

  2. If you do not want to upload a custom logo in the Company Logo section, enter the name of your company in the Company Name text box to easily brand the dashboard for your company.

    If you use this option, your company name will appear in the default cPanel font. If you wish to change the font style, you must customize cPanel's CSS. For more information about how to create your own cPanel style, read our Tutorial - Create a Custom cPanel Style documentation. 

  3. Enter your documentation website's URL in the Documentation Link text box. 

    The Documentation link points to cPanel's documentation website by default.

  4. Enter your help or support website URL in the Help Link text box. 

    The Help link will not appear in the cPanel dashboard until you save a URL.

  5. Upload a custom logo in the Webmail Logo section to change the logo when your customers access the Webmail interface.

Uploaded items' locations

When you save your customizations through this interface, the system saves your items in the following directories:

UserItemFile pathFile name
Webmail logo~/var/cpanel/reseller/brandwebmail.png


Webmail logo/var/cpanel/customizations/brandwebmail.png