List Accounts

Valid for versions 92 through 102





Last modified: January 5, 2023


The List Accounts interface displays your server’s accounts and allows you to perform certain actions on them.

Account information


If your hosting provider enables the Create Accounts privilege in WHM’s Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges interface (WHM » Home » Resellers » Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges), this interface will display a link to WHM’s Create a New Account interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Create a New Account).

The table of accounts lists detailed information about each account on your server, and allows you to perform the following actions on each account:

  • Click the plus icon (Plus) to view the available actions for the associated account. For more information, read the Actions section below.

  • Click a domain name in the Domain column to navigate to that site.

  • Click the cPanel logo () in the cPanel column to log in to the cPanel interface for that account with the root or reseller password.

    • If you disabled root or reseller logins to cPanel user accounts, this icon does not display. You can enable this feature in the System section of WHM’s Tweak Settings interface (WHM » Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings).

    • This feature uses the Internal Session Tool and Single Sign On system to generate a temporary user. For more information, read our Guide to API Authentication documentation.

  • Click the IP address in the IP Address column to view the contents of the user’s home directory in a new browser tab.

  • Click the email address in the Contact Email column to send an email to the account’s owner.

  • Click the account’s assigned package (for example, default) in the Package column to open the Edit a Package interface (WHM » Home » Packages » Edit a Package).


    A red warning icon (Warn) and Unknown appear in the Package column if the account does not have an assigned package.



When you use any of these actions to navigate to another WHM interface, WHM automatically selects the correct account.

When you expand the information for an account, you can perform the following additional actions:

  • Change Password — To change an account’s password, enter the desired password, select the desired options, and click Change.

    • Select the Synchronize MySQL password with account password checkbox if you want to use the same password for the user’s MySQL® account.


      This option is only available for users who possess an installed .my.cnf file.

    • Select the Enable Digest Authentication checkbox to enable Digest Authentication support.

  • Change Contact Email — To change the contact email address for the account, enter a new address in the text box and click Change.


    The Reset Password feature uses this email address to verify the account user’s identity. If you do not set the contact email address, the user cannot use the Reset Password feature.

  • Suspend Account – To suspend an account, enter a reason in the text box and click Suspend. To ensure that resellers cannot unsuspend the account, select the Prevent resellers from unsuspending checkbox.

  • Account Suspended — Suspended accounts appear with the following information:

    • Reason — Displays the reason for account suspension, if the WHM user who suspended the account entered a reason.
    • Suspended — The date and time of the suspension.
    • Suspension Locked — Displays whether a system administrator has locked the suspension. Only the root user or users with root-level privileges can unsuspend a locked account.
    • Unsuspend — To unsuspend an account, click Unsuspend.
    • Retain Service Proxying — To keep service proxying, select the Retain Service Proxying checkbox. Most users do not need to select this checkbox.
  • Change IP Address — Click Change IP Address to navigate to WHM’s Change a Site’s IP Address interface (WHM » Home » IP Functions » Change a Site’s IP Address).

  • Change Disk Partition — Click Change Disk Partition to navigate to WHM’s Rearrange an Account interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Rearrange an Account).

  • Change Quota — Click Change Quota to navigate to WHM’s Quota Modification interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Quota Modification).


    When you change a quota, we recommend that you first examine the contents of the account to ensure that the account does not already exceed the quota. If this is the case, we recommend that you request the owner of the account to remove files to comply with the new disk quota.

  • Change Plan — Click Change Plan to navigate to WHM’s Upgrade/Downgrade an Account interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Upgrade/Downgrade an Account).

  • Modify Account — Click Modify Account to navigate to WHM’s Modify an Account interface (WHM » Home » Account Functions » Modify an Account).

Download records

When you click Download these records to a CSV file, WHM opens a new browser tab that displays the information from the List Accounts table as a comma-separated list. You can then copy and paste this information into a text document. If you wish to use the file in Microsoft Excel® or another spreadsheet program, save it as a .csv file.


This .csv file lists all accounts, up to the first 999,999,999 accounts.

Additional Documentation