Link Server Nodes

Valid for versions 86 through 92






Last modified: January 11, 2021


The Link Server Nodes interface allows you to create linkages (connections) from this server to another server. You can use these links to perform certain functions on a different server. For example, you can create a linkage to a child server that uses the Mail Node profile. The child server would handle all of the services related to mail for any new cPanel accounts.


Server linkages are experimental. We do not recommend using this feature on production environments. Proceed with caution.

  • This interface only appears on a server that uses the Standard Node profile.
  • You can only link to a child node that uses the Mail Node or Standard Node server profile.

The Create a New Connection interface

This interface allows you to create a new linkage. Enter your remote server information in the following text boxes:

  • Friendly Name — Create a name for the linkage.
  • Hostname — The hostname of the linked server.

    You can only create one linkage per hostname.

  • root API Token — Enter a WHM API token that has root privileges.
    • If you need to create an API token, click Create an API Token. A new browser tab will appear for the remote server.
    • On the remote server, you must select the Everything checkbox in the bottom section of WHM’s Manage API Tokens interface (WHM >> Home >> Development >> Manage API Tokens). Otherwise, the linkage will fail.

To create a cPanel account that uses this linkage, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Create a New Account that Uses this Connection.
  2. WHM’s Create a New Account interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account) will appear.
  3. Select the Linked Mail Node option in the Mail Routing Settings menu.

After you successfully create a linkage, the Link Server Nodes list will appear. This interface displays all of the linkages that exist on the server. The table displays the following information:

  • Friendly Name — The name that you create for the linkage.
  • Hostname — The hostname of the linked server.
  • TLS Verified — Whether the system used TLS verification to create the linkage.
    We do not recommend sending information over non-TLS (insecure) connections.
  • Unlink — Click Unlink to remove the linkage.

Click Create a New Connection to create a new linkage.

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