Tomcat Manager

Valid for versions 82 through the latest version



Last modified: February 1, 2022


This interface allows you to manage the Tomcat status of your users. Tomcat runs as a private, single-user instance.


This interface only appears if you installed Tomcat for EasyApache 4. EasyApache 4 only supports Tomcat 8.5.

Enable/Disable Tomcat

The Enable/Disable Tomcat section of the interface allows you to enable or disable Tomcat for the users on your system. The interface will display the user name and whether Tomcat is enabled or disabled for that user.

To modify a user, set the toggle next to that user to Enabled or Disabled.

The gear icon offer the following actions:

  • Refresh List — Refresh the list of users on the system. This ensures the visibility of newly created users.
  • Select All Visible — Select all displayed users.
  • Clear Selection — Clear all currently-selected users.
  • Enable Selected — Enable Tomcat for all currently-selected users.
  • Disable Selected — Disable Tomcat for all currently-selected users.

When you enable or disable Tomcat for multiple users, a confirmation prompt will appear.

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