102 Change Log

Last modified: October 18, 2023


  • [security] Fixed case CPANEL-43432: Update cpanel-exim to 4.95-7.cp1198.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-43419: Update cpanel-libspf2 to 1.2.10-3.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-43419: Update cpanel-exim to 4.95-6.cp1198.


  • Fixed case PH-20100: Update Spanish translations.
  • Fixed case PH-20100: Update Japanese translations.
  • Fixed case PH-20100: Update German translations.


  • [security] Fixed case APPSEC-52: HTTP request smuggling vulnerability in cpsrvd.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-672: Authenticated RCE for webmail virtual accounts.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-673: XSS vulnerability on 'Repair a MySQL Database' page in WHM.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-42447: Disallow spaces in ssl_cipher_list values.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-42623: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.9.11-3.cp11102.
  • Fixed case EA-11258: Restore functionality of ModSecurity Tools Hits List when latest version of ea-apche24-mod_security2 is installed.



  • [security] Fixed case SEC-668: Strengthen filter which checks for invalid webmail forwarders.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-669: Escape the error message displayed by cpsrvd to prevent cross-site scripting.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-42384: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.9.11-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-42428: Update cpanel-clamav to


  • Fixed case BOO-2346: Prepare for 2023 MariaDB repo signing key change (resolves CPANEL-42354).
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41773: Do not pass –allowerasing to yum in 8+.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41845: Ensure cpanellogd is recreating domlog files with correct ownership and permissions for both nginx and apache.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41852: Accomodate install/ module rename in cpanel_initial_install.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-42025: Tolerate some extra errors from needs-restarting.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-42270: Update cpanel-git to 2.37.5-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-42271: Update cpanel-exim to 4.95-4.cp1198.


  • Fixed case BOO-1773: Implement prefix-size flag for create database/user uapi calls.
  • Fixed case COBRA-14060: Fix DCV method order in paid TLS certificate orders.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41626: Fix issue with nightly Security Advisor run not issuing notifications appropriately.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41657: Ensure cpdavd doesn't send an improper 400 response due to module load errors.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41736: Update cpanel-git to 2.37.4-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41742: Patch cpanel-unbound for CVE-2022-3204.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41820: Update cpanel-clamav to
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41861: Update cpanel-php74 to 7.4.33-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case PH-18966: Update Sprite Generator to work with ImageMagick 6.9.12-61 on C8.


  • [security] Fixed case SEC-665: Prevent accounts from arbitrary file reads via injecting bad include directives into a DNS zone file.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-666: Fix various maketext vulnerabilities.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-661: Fix test used by cpsrvd to check PHP for extra PATH info
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-662: Fix HttpRequest from writing to homedirs
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-667: Ensure SET_SERVICE_PROXY_BACKENDS is the calling user.


  • [security] Fixed case SEC-650: cPanel Visitors UI does not display direct apache access when ea-nginx is installed/enabled.


  • Fixed case COBRA-13802: Improve Discoverability of WHM Notifications.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13884: Prevent cPanel’s AutoSSL provider from requesting duplicate certs.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40713: Adjust routing for cpsrvd to allow URL arguments for PHP apps.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40769: Ensure sane minrate setting is in place for dnf.conf.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41192: Return an ip url for sessions when the hostname cannot resolve.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41331: Update MariaDB yum repositories to new location.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41501: Move Horde deprecation notice out of conditional section in WHM.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41571: Update cpanel-exim to 4.95-3.cp1198.
  • Fixed case HB-6538: Disable Horde by default in the Tweak Settings.
  • Fixed case HB-6555: Add horde deprecation information to WHM.


  • [security] Fixed case SEC-646: Explicitly set the error log in /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/cleanphpsessions.php.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-652: Fix Self-XSS vulnerability in ModSecurity Tools interface.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-653: Prevent unprivileged accounts from performing arbitrary file reads when a DNS zone is parsed.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-654: Fix XSS vulnerability in WHM ModSecurity Vendors interface.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-655: Verify necessary domain ownership for cPanel subdomain API calls.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-658: Prevent database user account name collisions for accounts created when MySQL is temporarily disabled.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-40020: Prevent backup transports (rsync) from stalling on Almalinux 8.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40314: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.4.12-4.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40473: Handle uninitialized variables in autoresponder logging.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40720: Include build number in cpanel_and_whm version returned by the installed_versions WHMAPI1 call.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-41023: Respect pre-install configuration with regards to FTP server selection.
  • Fixed case HB-6454: Allow account restore over existing accounts w/overrides.
  • Fixed case PH-18039: Add x button in WHM main menu nav search box.


  • Fixed case BOO-2098: Implement force_short_prefix tweak setting.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40169: The UI under the notifications tab in WHM Contact Manager now filters, sorts, and displays as intended.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40191: Ensure web stats are always run.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40797: Discard non-hostname-matching issued hostname certs.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40899: Update cpanel-php74 to 7.4.30-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40941: Allow system package updates to remove obsolete packages blocking dependencies on EL8-derived distributions.
  • Fixed case PH-18192: Updated the Pricing and Term agreement.
  • Fixed case PH-18193: Update the Privacy Policy to version 04-29-2022.
  • Fixed case HB-6470: Update cpanel-php74-turba to 4.2.28-1.cp11102 (resolves UPS-462).


  • [security] Fixed case SEC-629: Fixed arbitrary directory creation exploit in bxd.cgi.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-630: Update cpanel-php74-horde to 5.2.23-4.cp11102.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-631: Fix MySQL admin takeover via cpmysql adminbin.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-632: MySQL admin takeover via postponed dbuser creation.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-633: Fix demo mode bypass in Htaccess::setindex.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-634: Block cronjob removal when using API1 calls for accounts with demo mode enabled.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-641: Account modification API calls ensure remote node API tokens are not included in the returned user data.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-643: Perform an immediate check of account ownership for all accounts submitted to massmodifyacct.
  • [security] Fixed case STS-762: A notification now goes out if a demo account is distributing mail to a child node after an upgrade. it is recommended that these accounts be removed as this is no longer a valid configuration.
  • [security] Fixed case STS-763: Block remote nodes on restoration of an account that is in demo mode.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-39404: Fix a bug where configure_firewall_for_cpanel would cause changes made by scripts/smtpmailgidonly to be removed. Now any 'legacy' iptables tables/chains/rules will simply be ignored by configure_firewall_for_cpanel instead of flushed.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40471: The 'X' icon in the header now clears the input field on mobile devices.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40490: Update cpanel-php-composer to 2.2.12-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40559: Update cpanel-perl-532 to 5.32.0-4.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40587: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.104.3-1.cp11100.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40617: Update cpanel-git to 2.36.1-1.cp1198.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-39758: Downgrade cpanel-perl-532-cpanel-xslib to 0.05-1.cp1198.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-40577: Avoid race condition within the subqueue of the update_userdata_cache queueprocd task.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-40507: Rebuild web vhost data cache when missing rather than erroring.


  • Fixed case ART-2359: Improvements to how we show load averages in WHM Jupiter.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40459: Fixed searchbar behaviour on Android devices.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-40348: Avoid race conditions in queuprocd that can result in missing apache vhosts.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40374: Arrow symbols now correctly display on the DNS Path Diagram on the DNS Cluster page.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40426: Update cpanel-git to 2.35.2-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40448: Update cpanel-php74 to 7.4.29-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case PH-18009: WHM Main Menu Filter.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-38478: checkallsslcerts: Report cP Store error details.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39317: AutoSSL/cPStore: Report fallback DNS DCV failures.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40028: Update cpanel-remixicons to 2.5.0-2.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40263: Ensure pdo_sqlsrv can function for jailshell users.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40293: Update cpanel-exim to 4.95-2.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40305: Line length limits during SMTP transports can now be adjusted to 1,000,000 bytes, up from 65,536 bytes.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40308: Permit WHM API calls related to MySQL upgrades on DNS-only systems.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40313: Add some SVG validation to sprite_generator.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40376: Fixes header display in Safari.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40380: Fix undefined subroutine error in Apache security advisor.
  • Fixed case PH-17923: Show maximum file size in kilobytes, rather than bytes, in WHM > cPanel > Customization.
  • Fixed case ZC-9862: Show pagination when additional packages are > 10.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-39488: Add WP deprecation banner in site software.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39561: Update the banner insufficiencies notice to be easier to understand.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40061: Fix mobile search bar toggle on screen resize.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40066: Update cpanel-php74 to 7.4.28-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40284: Ensure Query Cache Type input works as expected.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40288: Fix Sprite Generator processing SVG's with comments.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40296: Enable “Change Root Password” in Jupiter for DNSONLY.


  • Fixed case COBRA-13541: Switch Jupiter header input to type=search.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37957: Restore ability to sync mail during transfers as an unprivileged user.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39795: Fix Imunifiy 360 banner to show on Ubuntu 20.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40144: Fix failure notification in check_valid_server_hostname script.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40210: Fix for feature check APIs that were failing.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40299: Update cpanel-ldns to 1.8.1-3.cp1198.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6584: Deprecate the WordPress Site Software cPAddon.


  • Fixed case ART-1937: Added more jupiter branding control.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40174: Ensure Exim Configuration Editor is functional.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40087: Update cpanel-pure-ftpd to 1.0.49-3.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40127: Improve hamburger menu appearance.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40139: Fix install error for dynamicui directories.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40145: Fix bug in automated APT run args.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6687: Remove reports for non-cpanel use of deprecated API1.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6790: Fix Top bar missing from WPTK page in WHM's Jupiter theme.


  • Fixed case ART-1836: Fix bug that was causing cpanel banners to show in webmail.
  • Fixed case ART-1851: Create statistics panel for the home screen of WHM.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13741: Add account search context in the searchbar.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38504: Ensure system_id analytics file is correctly written on RHEL8 servers.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39657: Update API validation when creating git repositories.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39781: Updated icons for welcome modal.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39882: Copy plugin icons for Jupiter during upcp 100 -> 102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39941: Sticky WHM sidenav logo.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39948: Enforce deprecated addons.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39956: Fixed the whmpai1 editpkg api call to no longer reset the package locale to English, unless explicitly specified.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39987: Show Current Disk Usage no longer adds lines to cPanel error_log.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39995: Handle redirection to EULA page when current version is not accepted by the user.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40005: Display correct command in Security Advisor to update kernel on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40006: Ensure SSL-enabled scripts function for jailshell users on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40037: Update cpanel-libzip to 1.8.0-6.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40074: Allow “scripts/configure_firewall_for_cpanel” to work better on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40100: Ensure the net-tools package is installed for systems preconfigured to install MariaDB.
  • Fixed case HB-4988: Update cpanel-perl-532-mail-spamassassin to 3.004004-9.cp1198.
  • Fixed case PH-17698: Improve appearance of logos in the cPanel interface.
  • Fixed case PH-17699: Add a Content Include system to Jupiter.
  • Fixed case PH-17826: Make Tools page independent of home page.


  • Fixed case CPANEL-40036: Update PassengerApp validation for Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-40049: Update cpanel-phppgadmin to 5.6.0-2.cp11102.


  • [security] Fixed case SEC-594: Avoid usage of predictable PostgreSQL socket in /tmp.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-607: Disable liveAPI system for accounts in demo mode.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-610: Fixes potential code injection vulnerabilities on the manage git repo page.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-613: Block root privilege escalation for resellers without domains.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-615: Failed linked node account creation leaves account on mail node.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-617: Demo mode status does not propagate to child nodes.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-619: Variables::get_user_information UAPI call could reveal sensitive information.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-620: cPanel account takeover via API2 savecontactinfo.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-621: Sensitive information revealed by CustInfo::contactprefs and CustInfo::displaycontactinfo API calls.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-622: Fixed possible reseller ACL restriction bypass for package creation/modification on linked nodes.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-624: Fix root privilege escalation vulnerability in passengerapps registration/modification.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-625: Fixes XSS vulnerabilities when using DNS Zone Manager.


  • Fixed case BWG-2907: Delete expired ActiveSync feedback notices.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13685: Create replacement APIs for managing accounts’ contact emails.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13720: Display left navigation for WHM Jupiter home page.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13721: Update WHM and cPanel Icons to have Accent Colors.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39568: Return useful error message when scripts/addpop is not run as root.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39705: Fix bug that prevented installing plugins on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39740: Update cpanel-php to include zip support.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39848: Tweak application search algorithm for more accurate and expected search results.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39861: Avoid using verify.cpanel.net for license state where possible.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39887: Make SOA edits not postfix the dname onto mname and rname.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39896: Adds ability to adjust maximum line length for SMTP transports in the Exim Basic Editor UI.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6708: Add touch file to prevent WP Toolkit from installing during the initial cPanel installation.
  • Fixed case HB-6352: Update cpanel-php74 to 7.4.27-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case PH-17696: Remove the Paper Lantern deprecation message from the cPanel interface.
  • Fixed case PH-17697: Remove the Solutions page from the cPanel interface.


  • Fixed case BWG-2891: Disable non-TLS ActiveSync port 2090 in cpdavd.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39709: Update cpanel-roundcubemail to 1.4.12-2.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39758: Update cpanel-perl-532-cpanel-xslib to 0.06-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39824: Exim config updated to prevent certain Outlook email messages from being rejected by the Exim SMTP transport.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39831: Remove references to RPM in "Install Packages".
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39855: Restore behavior of removing kernel excludes after nightly update.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39872: Ensure that system packages required for Mailman are installed.


  • Fixed case COBRA-13564: Make Jupiter’s header search retain search text when blurred.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39558: Notify the administrator if cPanel cannot enable disk quotas automatically under Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39699: Update cpanel-perl-532-mail-spamassassin to 3.004004-8.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39748: Assure Ubuntu excludes are up to date when calling apt-get install/upgrade.
  • Fixed case HB-6357: Update product codebase for new MySQL GPG keys.
  • Fixed case PH-17419: Amend Jupiter search descriptions for a few tools.


  • Fixed case ART-1533: Install 'cpanel-monitoring-cpanel-plugin' pkg as part of monitoring agent plugin.
  • Fixed case ART-1552: Improve the banner notices to be easier to understand.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39432: find_outdated_services script rebuilds package manager cache to prevent the possibility of reading outdated records.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39642: Preserve DNSSEC for an addon domain when it is converted into an account.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39675: Implement support on Ubuntu for “Enable Linux kernel update during nightly maintenance” option in Tweak Settings.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6591: Ensure packages are updated before installing WP Toolkit.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6602: Plugin icons: autofix size in some cases, and allow Inkscape format.


  • Fixed case ART-1417: Add banner system to cpanel and webmail.
  • Fixed case BOO-1709: Remove unused Dovecot 'expire' plugin artifacts.
  • Fixed case BOO-1752: Make MariaDB 10.6 upgrade no longer experimental.
  • Fixed case BOO-1897: Implement new WHM UI "Edit SQL Configuration".
  • Fixed case BOO-1898: Fix Cpanel::MysqlUtils::Secure anonymous user deletion.
  • Fixed case BOO-1904: Various fixes to SQL Configuration UI.
  • Fixed case BWG-2825: Add Paper Lantern deprecation notices in WHM.
  • Fixed case BWG-2835: Automatically install ImunifyAV on fresh installs of cPanel.
  • Fixed case BWG-2844: Clean up erroneous admin users on GCP.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13160: Update WHM to Jupiter theme.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13251: Fix mobile scrolling and footer issues.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13345: Show user indicator to let the user know who is logged in.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13431: SSL/TLS Wizard: Always use DNS DCV for wildcard domains.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13432: Make cPanel HTTP DCV APIs reject wildcard domains.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13435: Make AutoSSL not apply ancestor DCV substitution for HTTP DCV.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13510: Teach checkallsslcerts to recognize its own 90-day certificates.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13528: Preload WHM logos.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13561: Update or add descriptions for all WHM interfaces.
  • Fixed case COBRA-13610: Make get_available_applications honor minimum_accounts_needed.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37321: Update GeoIP database.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37757: Report version of cron daemon from Service Status in WHM on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37757: Report Dovecot version for the “lmtp” row under Service Status in WHM.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37757: Restore reporting of “crond” version in System Status on WHM.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37757: Report OpenSSH version under Service Status in WHM.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37834: Support “Traceroute Enable/Disable” interface in WHM on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37836: Rename WHM interface 'Install an RPM' to 'Install Distro Packages'.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37907: Merge “bin/rdate” program into “scripts/rdate” program.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-37914: Fix database prefixing.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38305: Avoid parameter expansion when using [asis].
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38453: Handle requests to upgrade all packages on Ubuntu systems with “apt upgrade” rather than “apt install –only-upgrade”.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38501: Update cpanel-knownproxies-data to 102.0-1.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38518: Hide “canary” app in get_available_applications()’s output.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38522: get_available_applications: hide disabled experimental interfaces.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38540: Change the homepage groups to have a larger clickable area.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38558: Fix styling and UX bugs on the Delete DNS Zone Confirm page.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38589: Account for all localhost entries when updating MySQL limits for the root user.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38628: Generate a log entry in ~/.autorespond/info_log when an autoresponse ignores a spam message.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38684: Prevent CloudLinux banner from displaying on Ubuntu systems in EasyApache 4 and MultiPHP Manager areas in WHM.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38709: When transitioning from a trial retain automatically enabled analytics for root.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38771: Relocate webalizer binaries.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38772: End users will no longer be prompted that a user does not exist when creating an email forwarder by providing a case mismatched email.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38774: Produce /var/cpanel/analytics/system_id on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38781: Ensure that cPanel properly scans the system for over-privileged programs at install time, even if the “rpm” package is installed on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38786: Users will now be prompted for confirmation when attempting to blacklist multiple countries with cPhulk.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38793: Enhance Ubuntu 20 MySQL password setup during fresh install.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38807: Allow “Service Status” to detect Dovecot “imap” as up on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38842: Remove obsolete /var/cpanel/hooks.yaml from customer servers.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38851: Allow WHM Feature Manager to enable/disable cPanel User Manager.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38864: Package and restore user Brand Customizations data.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38881: Clarifies a help description on TweakSettings page.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38897: Prevent Mailman maintenance tasks on Ubuntu from sending a cron email to the administrator.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38898: Allow cPanel user to toggle enable/disable NGINX caching if the user has the feature enabled.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38903: Update cagefs after installing new perl/pecl/pear modules.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38940: Improve UX in EA4 UI by hiding ruby step when those packages do not exist on the system.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38953: Expand Fileman logic to support RPM on all systems.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38953: Enhance file manager to show info about deb files if possible.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38954: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented users from being able to delete mime redirect entries
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38966: Ensure exim version is displayed in serverinfo.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38972: Updated “PGP/GPG” and “MX Entry” feature names in Feature Manager to match naming in cPanel.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38974: Fix the resetpass and invitiation interfaces to avoid false positive PCI failures.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38980: Do not display "Rebuild RPM Database" on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38981: Provide packages via scripts/sysup for disro perl's local::lib.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38988: Attempting to change features in a WHM server linked to another WHM instance that is shut down will not dump unreadable trace messages to the screen.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38992: Fix warning in installer - Argument "" isn't numeric.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-38998: Fix installer bug: Can't locate CSS/SpriteMaker.pm.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39000: Do not remove powerdns after putting it in place during cPanel installation.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39000: Fix installer failure when migrate-pdns-conf errors.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39000: Bootstrap nameserver earlier during install.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39022: Fix Security Advisor’s detection of “Symlink Protection” setting in the Apache Configuration’s Global Configuration area.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39022: Allow Security Advisor to recognize supported kernel versions on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39022: Prevent the Security Advisor from suggesting additional software when the operating system does not support that software.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39034: Teach Transfer Tool to transfer modsec settings when the settings are provided via a package.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39037: Fix installer failure: Failed to symlink…
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39056: Optimize Ubuntu EA4/etc package manager for speed.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39071: Fix EA config transfer when ModSec is not installed.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39077: Prevent mailing list names from starting with a special character on creation.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39095: Assure cracklib-runtime is provided on Ubuntu systems.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39128: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.104.0-1.cp11100. Now using local httpupdate mirrors by default.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39138: Provide trial license status to Google Tag Manager in the Jupiter theme.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39190: Fix re-installation of MySQL 8.0 via “MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade” on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39190: Do not change the MySQL root password when attempting to re-install the current version of MySQL via “MySQL/MariaDB Upgrade” on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39206: Removed the deprecated 'getfeaturelist' WHM api call.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39208: Require exact option matching for 'scripts/pkgacct'.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39232: Add requirement for CloudLinux 6.6 and later.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39237: Don’t warn if mailman doesn't find the mailman dir.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39238: Fix responsiveness of MySQL Manager page for Jupiter.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39248: Have cPanel and WHM UIs factor in NGINX logs.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39261: Fix scripts/rdate so that it properly detects when the NTP daemon is not running.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39274: Fix A record validator on DNS zone manager page.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39297: Display Imunify360 banner in Security Advisor.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39304: Update cpanel-exim to 4.95-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39305: Update cpanel-git to 2.34.1-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39310: Adds note to WHM addipform template.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39320: Update cpanel-ckeditor to 4.17.1-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39330: Fix error_log errors when installing dovecot for the first time.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39330: Fail earlier in setupmailserver if exim is explicitly disabled.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39337: On fresh install, dont run cpanelquotaonboot until reboot.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39337: Install mailman earlier in the install process for fixmailman.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39337: Clarify cache file invalidation when it's < 1 second behind.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39337: Quiet initial install noise related to notification failures.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39337: Run taskrun earlier in cPanel's installer for cleaner setup.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39337: Lower alert level of some messages which make installations noisy.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39342: Fix enabling and disabling IPv6 on multiple accounts.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39348: Fix Dovecot SNI configuration rebuild so it will omit corrupt or missing certificate files from Dovecot’s sni.conf.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39378: Allow configuration of Maximum Passenger Applications from WHM > Create a New Account.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39394: Simplify Task Queue to use json.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39395: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.38-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39410: Use https when linking to cpanel.net.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39440: Block upgrades to 102 for CentOS 8. Advise a switch to AlmaLinux 8.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39442: Add support for MAXPASSENGERAPPS to account upgrades/downgrades.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39466: Remove obsolete assessors and checks from Security Advisor.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39484: Update application search configuration to ignore match location.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39580: Teach AutoSSL not to try HTTP DCV on wildcard domains.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39597: Remove unnecessary warnings from the CPanelPost maintainance task.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39634: Update cpanel-php74 to 7.4.26-4.cp11102.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39641: Increase search weight given to name and search text.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39645: Silence Unbound query log spewage.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39651: Assure acl package is provided on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39671: Update cpanel-perl-532-cryptx to 0.075-1.cp1198.
  • Fixed case CPANEL-39681: Ensure apt-file is installed on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6384: WP Toolkit is installed as part of the cPanel Installation process
  • Fixed case DUCK-6447: Make new Jupiter cPanel icons display for plugin/integration links.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6453: Add icons to cPanel Jupiter Tools page.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6543: Limit size and type of group icon SVG files.
  • Fixed case DUCK-6597: Update cPanel Jupiter's WP Toolkit icon.
  • Fixed case HB-6198: Add support for plugin packages on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case HB-6221: Ensure JetBackup can install on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case HB-6225: Use purge instead of remove in apt related functions on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case HB-6231: Fix issue where installed plugins on Ubuntu show as not installed.
  • Fixed case HB-6307: Update cpanel-php74-horde to 5.2.23-3.cp11102.
  • Fixed case HB-6322: Enable KernelCare support on Ubuntu.
  • Fixed case HB-6334: Fix bug in createacct JS which caused plan errors on submit.
  • Fixed case PH-16657: Paper Lantern Deprecation Banner.
  • Fixed case PH-16793: Update EULA and Pricing and Term Agreement legal documents.
  • Fixed case PH-16901: Check WPT install status from tools page if the onboard assistant is closed in the middle of the process.
  • Fixed case PH-16930: Do not show an error when customization data isn't found.
  • Fixed case PH-16963: Show onboard assistant only in the cPanel Jupiter's home page when the necessary checks are satisfied.
  • Fixed case PH-16985: Implement the onboarding assistant for website creation in Jupiter for new users.
  • Fixed case PH-17059: Remove errant warning when the cPanel API WordPressSite::retrieve() function succeeds.
  • Fixed case PH-17071: Welcome modal feature tiles styles updated.
  • Fixed case PH-17074: Improve installation status reporting.
  • Fixed case PH-17076: Update Jupiter welcome modal.
  • Fixed case PH-17101: Improve error message if WP Toolkit is not installed.
  • Fixed case PH-17141: Improved search feature in cPanel Jupiter theme.
  • Fixed case PH-17237: Do not show customization errors when restoring pre-102 data.
  • Fixed case PH-17242: Make sure website is visible before reporting success.
  • Fixed case ZC-9505: Optimize FPM lookup.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-38497: Add account hosting migration data to cpuser data.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-38660: Automatically install the cpanel-monitoring-agent rpm.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-38662: Disable Bind as an option on systems that do not support it.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-38828: Add deprecation notices for the legacy domain management UIs.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-39064: Extensions to the WHM banner ad system to make if more flexible.
  • Implemented case CPANEL-39279: Add API and TaskQueue support for WordPress Installs.

Additional Documentation