Sitejet Builder Change Log

Last modified: February 21, 2024


  • Case DUCK-9467: Proper location/perms for cP Sitejet config dir
  • Case DUCK-9914: Fix publish error with beauty template
  • Case DUCK-10004: Improve locator ID’s for playwright
  • Case DUCK-9944: Update LogStreamer in case we come back to it


  • Case DUCK-10039: Utility script to control when features appear in the cpanel left menu.The script manage_extra_marketing can be used by hosting companies to hide and show select applications from the cpanel left menu.


  • Case DUCK-9945: Fix Cent7 symlink protection/creation during publication process.


  • Case DUCK-9766: Create sitemap.xml during publication process.
  • Case DUCK-9857: Fix feature showcase not appearing in 110 and 116
  • Case DUCK-9511: Make iFrame scrollable on Sitejet Details page
  • Case DUCK-9904: Fix sitejet’s single page publication failure.
  • Case DUCK-9924: Fix cp-root variables not existing in 110 by strictly defining the cp-spacer css variables and also add fallbacks to all var calls.
  • Case DUCK-9477: Implement multi language CMS settings.
  • Case DUCK-9685: Fix image sliders bug during publication.


  • Case DUCK-9778: Makefile improvements and gitignore-test-renames
  • Case DUCK-9687: Implement Web Forms in cPanel Sitejet and enable API forwading to refer cPanel server domain instead of
  • Case DUCK-9688: Remove robots meta tag from preview url to enable search indexing.

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