How to Disable Disk Space Monitoring for Selected Mount Points

Last modified: April 25, 2022


This document explains how to use the /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts file to disable disk space monitoring for selected mount points. This method will prevent disk space warnings from mount points that always report as full, such as the snapd service.

The /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts file

Each line in the /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts file must include a single mount point to ignore.

  • Entries must contain alphanumeric, English language characters.
  • Entries may also include the slash character (/).
  • Separate each line with a newline (\n) character.
  • You can only disable monitoring for an entire mount point (For example, /var). You cannot disable monitoring for the last segment of a mount point (For example, /var/tmp).

For example, to prevent disk space monitoring alerts for the snap and tempbackup mount points, add the following entries to the /var/cpanel/chkservd_ignored_mounts file:


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