Manage2 Quickstart Development Guide

Last modified: July 27, 2022


Custom Manage2 applications can automate and customize licensing and billing functions. Third-party developers can create Manage2 applications for distribution to their customers in the hosting community. Server owners may wish to create private applications to automate daily tasks.

Get started developing for Manage2

To begin developing for Manage2, use the following guide:

Get a development license

If you do not already have access to Manage2, get a development license. Manage2 developers require access to Manage2 in order to troubleshoot their custom code.

Get to know the Manage2 API

Manage2 development projects use the Manage2 API. The Manage2 API contains functions that access all of the functionality that users can find in the Manage2 interface.


If you’re ready to get started developing, read our Guide to the Manage2 API documentation.

Write your application’s backend code

After you become familiar with Manage2’s API, you are ready to start writing your application. Most developers write Manage2 applications in PHP or Perl. Applications that integrate with Manage2 must authenticate as a Manage2 user.

Need more help?

Several options are available if you need help with a development project:

If you think that you found a bug in an API or another cPanel development tool, contact cPanel Technical Support with your issue.

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