Last modified: April 11, 2024


Use the Activation interfaces to sign the required agreement for each license type.

  • You must agree to the license type’s terms to activate that license type in Manage2.
  • These steps do not activate individual 360 Monitoring, koality, Sitejet Studio, or XOVI NOW licenses. To activate these, use the activation links that you receive when you add the licenses.

Sign the Product Terms of Use agreement

To sign a license type’s agreement, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the license type’s Activation interface. For example, for CloudLinux™, go to the CloudLinux Activation interface (Dashboard » Licenses » CloudLinux Activation).
  2. Read all of the displayed terms.
  3. Optionally, click Download Agreement to download a copy of the terms.
  4. Enter your full name.
  5. Click I Agree.

Postpone agreement

If you do not want to agree to the terms now, click Do this later.

You must sign the agreement to activate this license type in Manage2.

Reject agreement

If you choose not to sign the agreement, you can reject it. For example, click Reject CloudLinux to reject the CloudLinux agreement.

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