List Packages

Last modified: April 9, 2020


The List Packages interface displays your account’s packages. If you need to add packages to your account, or if you have a question about a certain package, contact Customer Support.


Package names can vary for each client. Most names provide descriptive information:

  • Cloud packages only include virtual hosts.

  • Metal packages may include both virtual and actual hosts.

List packages

The List Packages table displays the following information for each package:

Column Desctiption
ID The package’s identification number.
Name The package’s name.
Product The package’s associated cPanel product. For example, cPanel/WHM is the package associated with cPanel & WHM.
Host Type The type of host allowed in the package:
  • Virtual — Only virtual hosts allowed.
  • Any — Both virtual and actual hosts allowed.
External/Internal The type of customer suited to the package:
  • External — Package intended for distributors.
  • Internal — Package intended for partners.
Max. Accounts The maximum number of accounts available in the package, or Unlimited if there is no maximum.
Billing Type Whether the package is currently active.
Base Rate (USD) The base cost of the package, in US dollars.
Bulk Charge A non-discountable charge for blocks of additional accounts, in US dollars.
Included Accounts The number of accounts included with the license. Additional accounts will bill at the Per Account Charge.
Per Account Charge (USD) The billing rate for each account over the maximum included accounts, in US dollars.

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