Experimental Installation on Unsupported Operating Systems

Last modified: February 1, 2022


This document describes how to install cPanel & WHM on an unsupported operating system. This method disables most cPanel OS detection and assumes the distribution version you provide at installation. We added this feature in cPanel & WHM version 102.


We do not recommend using unsupported operating systems. This is an experimental feature and may result in cPanel & WHM behaving in unexpected ways. We do not provide support for experimental operating systems.

Installation procedure

To install cPanel & WHM on an unsupported operating system, run the following command, where operatingsystem is one of cPanel & WHM’s supported operating systems:

sh latest --experimental-os=operatingsystem

For example, the following command forces the system to assume the operating system in use is AlmaLinux OS version 8:

sh latest --experimental-os=almalinux-8.4

If you attempt to use CloudLinux, the attempt will fail.

Additional Documentation