cPanel Solo® License

Last modified: November 28, 2022


With a cPanel Solo® license, WHM users can manage a single cPanel account from the WHM interface. This license allows users to upgrade from shared hosting to a single-account (Solo) Cloud-based hosting solution. Its cost makes it a great entry point for many new or returning cPanel & WHM users.

  • This license limits the functionality that you would receive with a standard license.

  • This license requires cPanel & WHM version 66.0.25 or later.

Downgrading to a cPanel Solo license

Currently, you can only downgrade to a cPanel Solo license if you are a cPanel Certified Partner with a fixed package. cPanel Solo package is not available to auto-scale during the monthly billing cycle. You must scale the cPanel Solo package manually.

Removed interfaces

Servers that use a cPanel Solo license will not display the following interfaces:


If you require these interfaces, upgrade your license to the full version.

Security Center

  • Compiler Access — This interface allows you to disable your users’ access to the C and C++ compilers on your server.


Account Information

  • List Suspended Accounts — This feature lists your server’s suspended accounts and allows you to unsuspend or terminate an account.

Account Functions

Multi Account Functions


System Health

  • Background Process Killer — This interface allows you to select processes that the system will terminate when the upcp script calls the system maintenance script (/scripts/maintenance) every night.


  • Modify cPanel WHM News — This feature allows you to display custom messages in your users’ and resellers’ cPanel & WHM interfaces.

  • Reset a Mailman Password — This feature allows you to reset the password for your server’s Mailman mailing list software and mailing lists.

  • Synchronize FTP Passwords — This feature will attempt to repair FTP password issues.

Modified interfaces

Servers that use a cPanel Solo license will display a limited version of the following interfaces:

Account Functions

  • Create a New Account — This interface allows you to create new cPanel accounts.

    If you already own at least one account and you attempt to create an account, you will receive the following message:

    Account Creation Status: failed
    Creating the account would exceed the number of licensed users. Please upgrade your license and try again.

Server Configuration

  • Tweak Settings — The Tweak Settings interface conceals the following settings:

    • Display » Number of accounts per page to display in “List Accounts”.
    • Domains » Allow cPanel users to create subdomains across accounts
    • Domains » Allow WHM users to create subdomains across accounts


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