cPanel Solo® License

Last modified: April 26, 2021


With a cPanel Solo® license, WHM users can manage a single cPanel account from the WHM interface. This license allows users to upgrade from shared hosting to a single-account (Solo) Cloud-based hosting solution. Its cost makes it a great entry point for many new or returning cPanel & WHM users.

  • This license limits the functionality that you would receive with a standard license.

  • This license requires cPanel & WHM version 66.0.25 or later.

Downgrading to a cPanel Solo license

Currently, you can only downgrade to a cPanel Solo license if you are a cPanel Certified Partner with an Auto-Scaling account package. Auto-Scaling is a dynamic pricing structure that scales between cPanel’s pricing tiers. The number accounts on the server at the time of invoicing affect the account’s billing. By default, all Partner licenses are on this package.

Removed interfaces

Servers that use a cPanel Solo license will not display the following interfaces:


If you require these interfaces, upgrade your license to the full version.

Security Center

  • Compiler Access — This interface allows you to disable your users’ access to the C and C++ compilers on your server.


Account Information

  • List Suspended Accounts — This feature lists your server’s suspended accounts and allows you to unsuspend or terminate an account.

Account Functions

Multi Account Functions


System Health

  • Background Process Killer — This interface allows you to select processes that the system will terminate when the upcp script calls the system maintenance script (/scripts/maintenance) every night.


  • Modify cPanel WHM News — This feature allows you to display custom messages in your users’ and resellers’ cPanel & WHM interfaces.

  • Reset a Mailman Password — This feature allows you to reset the password for your server’s Mailman mailing list software and mailing lists.

  • Synchronize FTP Passwords — This feature will attempt to repair FTP password issues.

Modified interfaces

Servers that use a cPanel Solo license will display a limited version of the following interfaces:

Account Functions

  • Create a New Account — This interface allows you to create new cPanel accounts.

    If you already own at least one account and you attempt to create an account, you will receive the following message:

    Account Creation Status: failed
    Creating the account would exceed the number of licensed users. Please upgrade your license and try again.

Server Configuration

  • Tweak Settings — The Tweak Settings interface conceals the following settings:

    • Display >> Number of accounts per page to display in “List Accounts”.
    • Domains >> Allow cPanel users to create subdomains across accounts
    • Domains >> Allow WHM users to create subdomains across accounts


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