How to Identify Your Hosting Provider

Last modified: June 11, 2024


Many cPanel users contact WebPros International, LLC for technical support or other inquiries. But, in most cases, you should contact your hosting provider instead. This document will help you to identify your hosting provider.

You may want to contact your hosting provider for the following types of issues:

  • Forgotten usernames or passwords.
  • Purchases of additional storage space, bandwidth, or other resources.
  • Technical problems.
  • Payment or billing inquiries.

I thought that cPanel was my hosting provider?

Your hosting provider is the company that you pay to host your website. WebPros International, LLC is a software company that creates web hosting automation software. We then sell (license) this software to individual hosting companies. These companies then sell hosting space to individual customers. This is why you might see our logo or other information when you log in to your website.


WebPros International, LLC does not own and cannot access the server that stores your website’s information. So, unfortunately, we cannot help you with most requests.

If you encounter any any flaws in our product, you must relay them to your hosting provider. We will then work directly with your hosting provider to resolve the issue.

Identify your hosting provider

To identify your hosting provider, perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to Whois Domain Lookup. This website allows you to search for a domain name’s hosting provider.
    While this article uses Whois Domain Lookup, other similar search sites also exist, such as Webbium’s WebPros International, LLC is not affiliated with either of these third-party sites.
  2. Search for your domain name. Enter your website’s domain (for example, in the Search text box, and then click Search. A new page will appear.
    • If you do not know your domain name, search your billing records. If you see a Site not registered message, you either have not registered the domain, or the domain is not hosted anywhere. If you receive that result, use to check whether the domain is registered.
    • You can search for any domain, regardless of whether you own that domain.
  3. Identify your hosting provider. The list of hosting information should include the following information:
    • Hosted by — The name of the hosting provider. This link might not point directly to the hosting company’s website. Use your favorite search engine to search for the company website.
    • Country — The website’s country of origin.
    • WHOIS — A link to access domain registration information. Most website owners often use their hosting companies to register domains. However, it is also possible to register domains through a separate company from the company that hosts the website.

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