cPanel & WHM version 112 for AlmaLinux OS 9 and Rocky Linux 9

Last modified: October 10, 2023


This document details information for cPanel & WHM’s experimental software release for the AlmaLinux OS 9 and Rocky Linux™ 9 operating systems. cPanel & WHM version 112 and later are available for use on servers running these operating systems.


We only support AlmaLinux 9 and RockyLinux 9 as experimental operating systems for cPanel & WHM version 112.

  • We do not recommend using these operating systems in production environments. If you use AlmaLinux 9 or RockyLinux 9 in a production environment, you may encounter unexpected errors.
  • Do not attempt to install an older version of cPanel & WHM on these operating systems.

We’ve written this document for advanced WHM users who are familiar with installing these operating systems in their servers. For more information, read our Installation Guide documentation.

We tested cPanel & WHM version 112 in the following environments:

Changes that impact functionality

These are the biggest changes in AlmaLinux 9 and Rocky Linux 9 that affect functionality in cPanel & WHM version 112 and later:

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