System User Accounts

Last modified: June 20, 2019


This document lists the various system user accounts that your cPanel & WHM server contains. These accounts perform various functions, such as managing services.

Third-party plugins and software may create additional user accounts. Check your software’s documentation for more information.


Account Description OS user Added by cPanel & WHM Added by third-party program
clamav This user manages the ClamAV anti-virus plugin. X
cpanel This user manages various cPanel services. X
cpanelanalytics This user manages the cPanel Analytics service on the server. X
cpanelcabcache This user manages the local Certificate Authority (CA) cache for SSL. X
cpanelconnecttrack This user manages the Passive OS fingerprinting (p0f) system. X
cpanellogin This user manages logins to the cPanel interface. X
cpaneleximfilter This user manages the filtering of mail in the Exim mail server. X
cpaneleximscanner This user manages the scanning of outbound mail by Apache SpamAssassin. X
cpanelhorde This user manages Horde webmail processes. X
cpanelphpmyadmin This user manages PHPMyAdmin requests for MySQL® databases. X
cpanelphppgadmin This user manages PHPPgAdmin requests for PostgreSQL databases. X
cpanelroundcube This user manages RoundCube webmail processes. X
cpanelrrdtool This user manages Round Robin DNS requests. X
cpanelsolr This user manages Apache Solr™ requests. X
dovecot This user manages the Dovecot mail service. X
nobody This unprivileged user handles various script requests. X
root This is the root user for the operating system. X

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