List Active Licenses

Last modified: November 27, 2023


The List Active Licenses interface displays information about your currently-active licenses.

The List Active Licenses table

The Active Licenses list provides the following information about, and options for, each active license.

  • Click View in Browser to see the Active Licenses Table table.
  • Use the Show menu to display more licenses per page. The default number of licenses displayed is 10.
  • Use the Search text box to quickly locate a specific license.
  • Use the filter (arrows pointing up and down) icon to sort option information in ascending or descending order. You can only apply one filter at a time.

The table only lists values if they apply to that license. For example, the table only displays an IP address under the IP column if that license has an associated IP address.

The table lists the following information:

  • IP — The license’s associated IP address.
  • Hostname — The license’s server’s hostname.
  • Package — The license’s package.
  • Accounts — The number of currently-active accounts.
  • Max Accounts — The maximum number of accounts that you may include with the license.
  • Group — The license’s assigned group.
  • Version — The license’s currently-installed version of cPanel.
  • OS — The operating system (OS) of the license’s associated server.
  • Arch — The CPU architecture of the license’s server.
  • Add Date — The assignment date of the IP address to the license.
  • External Note — The notes for the license.
  • Sites — The number of site monitors for a 360 Monitoring license.
  • Self-Hosted Sites — The number of self-hosted sites for a Sitejet license.
  • Hosted Sites — The number of hosted sites for a Sitejet license.
  • Servers — The number of server monitors for a 360 Monitoring license.
  • Additional Projects — The number of projects for a koality license.
  • Actions — The actions that you can perform on the license:
    • Expire — Remove a license from your account in the Expire License interface.
    • View/Modify — View or modify a license in the Modify a License interface.
    • Transfer — Transfer a license to another IP address in the Transfer a license interface.

The Packages table

The Packages table displays the total number of dedicated licenses per package.


The Adjusted Count value is the total number of dedicated licenses, half of the total number of virtual licenses, and each block of 500 paid Enkompass™ accounts.

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