68 Release Notes

Last modified: April 2, 2024

Upgrade blockers

LiteSpeed update required to maintain SSL functionality

If LiteSpeed exists on your server, you must upgrade to LiteSpeed version 5.2.1 build 2 or later before you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 68. Otherwise, websites will not provide the entire certificate chain and browsers may display an SSL error. For more information about how to upgrade LiteSpeed, read LiteSpeed’s cPanel Plugin documentation. View the /usr/local/lsws/autoupdate/build file to verify your LiteSpeed version information.


If your server does not contain the /usr/local/lsws/ directory, LiteSpeed likely does not exist on your server.

The ea-apache24-config-runtime package

You must upgrade the ea-apache24-config-runtime package to version 1.0-113 or later.

New features

New access privileges

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the following access privileges to WHM’s Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges interface (WHM » Home » Resellers » Edit Reseller and Nameserver Privileges):

  • Account Summary

  • Allow CORS Proxy Requests

  • Basic WHM Functions

  • Create User Session

  • Digest Authentication

  • Generate Email Configuration

  • Manage cPanel Integration Links.

  • Manage OpenID Connect

  • Manage Styles

  • MySQL® Information

  • SSL Information

  • Manage API Tokens

  • Manage DNS Records

  • Nameserver Configuration

  • List Packages

  • Track Email

  • Basic System Information

For more information about these new ACL privileges, read the following documentation:

Default access privileges

As of cPanel & WHM version 68, the system assigns the following access privileges to newly-created reseller accounts by default:


You cannot assign or unassign these access privileges.

  • Account Summary

  • Basic System Information

  • Basic WHM Functions

  • Allow CORS HTTP Requests

  • Perform cPanel API and UAPI functions through the WHM API

  • Manage cPanel Integration Links

  • Create User Session

  • Digest Authentication

  • Generate Mobile Email Configurations

  • List Packages

  • Manage API Tokens

  • Manage DNS Records

  • Manage OpenID Connect

  • Manage Styles

  • Nameserver Configuration

  • Perform cPanel API and UAPI functions through the WHM API

  • SSL Information

  • Track Email

For more information, read our Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges documentation.

The /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/fix_reseller_acls script

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/fix_reseller_acls script. The system executes this script when it upgrades your server to cPanel & WHM version 68. This script assigns the access privileges that we added in cPanel & WHM version 68 to existing reseller accounts.

Support for Virtuozzo 7

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added support for Virtuozzo 7. For more information about Virtuozzo, read their documentation.

Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected notification

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected notification to WHM’s Contact Manager interface (WHM » Home » Server Contacts » Contact Manager). The system counts every user’s outbound messages every 15 minutes. It will send a notification when a mail user exceeds the preconfigured threshold of 500 unique outbound messages over the previous hour (excluding mailing lists). This will help the administrator detect potential spammers or compromised accounts.

  • This notification defaults to disabled on existing systems and enabled for new installations.

  • We do not currently offer the option to configure the threshold.

New notification templates

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added notifications to WHM’s Contact Manager interface (WHM » Home » Server Contacts » Contact Manager):

  • Cgiemail Cleanup Script — The system ran the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/clean_cgiemail script on your server. This script removes the cgiemail RPM and copies of the cgiemail/cgiecho scripts from users’ cgi-bin directories.

  • Maximum Hourly Emails Exceeded — A domain exceeded the threshold for the maximum number of sent emails in an hour.

  • SSL certificates expiring — An account’s SSL certificate expires soon.

  • Update Blocker - System Cannot Install RPMs — The system detected an unstable RPM database and cannot install any RPMs, so the upcp script cannot proceed.

  • Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected — A mail user exceeded the preconfigured threshold of 500 unique outbound messages over the previous hour (excludes mailing lists).

For the full list of available alerts, read our Contact Manager and Notification Templates documentation.

SSL and AutoSSL certificate renewal, expiry, failure, and success notifications

In cPanel & WHM version 68, by default, the system automatically sends users notifications about the status of SSL and AutoSSL certificates. These notifications include useful information and URLs users can access to correct a problem. You can enable or disable the following notifications:

In WHM’s Contact Manager interface (WHM » Home » Server Contacts » Contact Manager):

  • AutoSSL certificates expiring — An account’s AutoSSL certificate expires soon.

  • Installation of AutoSSL certificates — AutoSSL installed an SSL certificate.

  • Installation of purchased SSL certificates — The system installed SSL certificates that a user purchased through the cPanel Market.

  • SSL Certificate Expiration — A service-level SSL certificate has expired.

  • SSL Certificate Expires Soon — An account’s SSL certificate expires soon.

  • SSL certificates expiring — An account’s SSL certificate expires soon.

In cPanel’s Contact Information interface (cPanel » Home » Preferences » Contact Information):

  • AutoSSL has renewed a certificate — AutoSSL successfully completed a certificate renewal.

  • AutoSSL certificate expiry — An AutoSSL certificate will expire soon.

  • SSL certificate expiry — A non-AutoSSL certificate will expire soon.

AutoSSL certificate error status

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added messages about each domain’s AutoSSL status, if such information exists, to cPanel’s SSL/TLS Status interface (cPanel » Home » Security » SSL/TLS Status). For example, these messages include information about pending orders, validation problems, or changes to the domains on a certificate for certificate renewal. Users can view the inline information message next to each domain in this interface.

phpMyAdmin performance setting

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the Enable phpMyAdmin information schema searches setting to the Software section of WHM’s Tweak Settings interface (WHM » Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings). If you disable this setting, the system disables information schema searches by phpMyAdmin in MySQL. This may improve phpMyAdmin performance.

EasyApache 4 and http2

EasyApache 4 now supports mod_http2.

New individual file restoration from a backup

cPanel & WHM version 68 provides backup restoration for individual files.

  • WHM users can restore files for cPanel user accounts through the new File Restoration interface (WHM » Home » Backup » File Restoration).

  • cPanel users can restore individual files through the new File Restoration interface (cPanel » Home » Files » File Restoration).


For these restoration features to work appropriately in cPanel & WHM, system administrators must enable account file backups through WHM’s Backup Configuration interface (WHM » Home » Backup » Backup Configuration).


We strongly recommend that you use unique filepaths when you store multiple-server backup files in a shared filesystem. This action prevents backup file conflicts. When you terminate an account, you must remove the account’s backup files manually or move the backups to another server. This action prevents an account collision if you add a new account with a previous account’s username.

Public Contact information

In cPanel & WHM version 68, resellers now control their company’s public contact information. A user who contacts cPanel & WHM Customer Service or Technical Support will see the reseller’s custom contact information instead of one of the resellers’ provider’s information. We strongly recommend that resellers use this feature to protect their brand. For more information about how to enter your default public contact information, read our Customization documentation.

  • All of the information that you provide in this tab will be publicly available.

  • We strongly recommend that server owners provide this contact information, otherwise, customers may discover the hosting provider’s contact information. This could negatively affect the server owner’s brand.

  • This interface will not reveal the company name that you enter in the Customize Branding tab to the public.

  • If you own your own account, the domain that the server owner used to create your account presents your contact information.

  • If you do not own your own account, the domain presents the server owner’s information instead.

  • In future versions, we plan to add this contact information to the Account Suspended and Default Webpage pages, and anywhere a user searches for their hosting provider’s contact information.

Set SSL/TLS via the command line

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the /usr/local/cpanel/bin/set-tls-settings script. This script allows you to set your SSL and TLS cipher suites, and your SSL and TLS protocols via the command line. For more information, read The set-tls-settings Script documentation.

Updated features

Updated cPanel icons

cPanel & WHM version 66 replaces the cPanel interface’s feature icons with new .svg icons.


For a complete list of icons and their filenames, read our Guide to cPanel Interface Customization - Appkeys documentation.

WHM plugin interfaces in PHP

WHM plugin developers can now use PHP to render the WHM interface’s chrome.

Renamed privileges

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we renamed the following privileges:

Old name New name
Create Create Account
Terminate Terminate Account
(Un)Suspend Suspend/Unsuspend
Upgrade/Downgrade Upgrade/Downgrade Accounts
SSL Certificate Purchase Purchase SSL Certificates
SSL CSR/CRT SSL/CSR Certificate Generator
Add Add DNS Zones
Remove Remove DNS Zones
Edit Edit DNS Zones
Park Park DNS Zones
Allow the reseller to use all global packages (global packages are any packages without a “_” in them) Use Root Packages
Allow Creation of Packages with Addon Domains Create Packages with Addon Domains
Allow Creation of Packages with Parked Domains Create Packages with Parked Domains
Allow Creation of Packages with a Dedicated IP Create Packages with a Dedicated IP Address
Allow Creation of Packages with Shell Access Create packages with Shell Access
Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Features (ie. unlimited pop accounts) Create Packages with Unlimited Features
Allow Creation of Packages with non-default Email Limits Create Packages with Custom Email Limits
Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Diskspace Create Packages with Unlimited Disk Usage
Allow Creation of Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth Create Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth
Prevent Accounts from being created with shell access Forbid Account Creation with Shell Access
Allow modification of existing locales and creation of new locales Modify & Create Locales

For more information about these renamed ACL privileges, read our Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges documentation.

Locales interface restriction

As of cPanel & WHM version 68, resellers must possess the Modify and Create Locales access privilege in order to access WHM’s View Available Locales interface (WHM » Home » Locales » View Available Locales).

Limit API tokens to specific privileges

As of cPanel & WHM version 68, you can perform the following actions in WHM’s Manage API Tokens interface (WHM » Home » Development » Manage API Tokens):

  • Create API tokens with specific privileges. This is useful, for example, to limit API tokens to specific functions, which improves your system’s security.

  • Update an API token’s name and privileges.

  • Assign or unassign third-party privileges to your users

Additionally, users who create API tokens on cPanel DNSOnly® systems can assign the following access privileges to the API token:

  • All Features

  • Add DNS Zones

  • Basic System Information

  • Basic WHM Functions

  • Change Password

  • Create User Session

  • DNS Clustering

  • Manage API Tokens

  • Manage DNS Records

  • Manage Styles

  • Nameserver Configuration

  • Remove DNS Zones

  • Restart Services

  • SSL Information

  • SSL Site Management

  • View Server Information

  • View Server Status

For more information, read our cPanel DNSONnly documentation.

Improved package extensions management through API

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the add_package_extension and delete_package_extension WHM API 1 functions to better manage extensions on packages. We also deprecated the _PACKAGE_EXTENSIONS parameters from the addpkg and modifypkg WHM API 1 functions.

We strongly recommend that you modify any scripts that create or manage package extensions to call these new WHM API 1 functions.

If you need to edit a package extension setting, use WHM API 1’s addpkgext function with the same package extension name and desired settings.

EasyApache displays php (DSO) properly

In EasyApache 4, the interface now displays php (DSO) instead of php in the list of Apache packages under each version of PHP.

upcp script’s preflight check of RPM database

In cPanel & WHM version 68, if the system cannot install an RPM and detects a corrupted RPM database, it does not run the upcp script.

Added zlib.output_compression setting to MultiPHP INI Editor

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added the zlib.output_compression setting to cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor interface (cPanel » Home » Software » MultiPHP INI Editor) and WHM’s MultiPHP INI Editor interface (WHM » Home » Software » MultiPHP INI Editor). This setting allows the server to transparently compress pages if the browser sends an Accept-Encoding: gzip or deflate header.

This setting defaults to Disabled.

PHP compression note on cPanel’s Optimize Website interface

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we added a note to cPanel’s Optimize Website interface (cPanel » Home » Software » Optimize Website) which indicates that you can enable PHP compression in the cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor interface (cPanel » Home » Software » MultiPHP INI Editor). If the system administrator has disabled the MultiPHP INI Editor feature for the account, the note will advise that the user should contact their system administrator.

EasyApache 4 interface

We made several updates to WHM’s EasyApache 4 interface (WHM » Home » Software » EasyApache 4).

  • We updated the interface to allow you to upload a custom profile from a URL.

  • We updated the interface to allow you to search descriptions.

WHM’s MultiPHP INI Editor

  • You can now manage your custom PHP INI directives in the Editor Mode of WHM’s MultiPHP INI Editor interface (WHM » Home » Software » MultiPHP INI Editor). For more information about custom PHP INI Directives, read our Create Custom PHP Directives documentation.

  • We added the post_max_size PHP directive.

cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor

  • cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor interface (cPanel » Home » Software » MultiPHP INI Editor) now only shows directives that you can change.

  • We added the post_max_size PHP directive.

Authentication update for Amazon S3 version 4

We updated our Amazon S3™ module in cPanel & WHM version 68. The new module uses Amazon S3 version 4 authentication, which supports all S3 locations.

EasyApache 4 RPM update

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we modified the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/sysup script to automatically update the EasyApache 4 RPMs. This ensures that older RPMs do not break rebuilds of the httpd.conf file.


This update occurs regardless of your local configuration. The following settings will not prevent an automatic update:

  • The RPMUP variable set to never in the /etc/cpupdate.conf file.

  • The Operating System Package set to Never Update in WHM’s Update Preferences interface (WHM » Home » Server Configuration » Update Preferences).

TLS changes

In cPanel & WHM version 68, the system enables Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version 1.2 on new installations of cPanel & WHM.

We only support applications that use TLSv1.2, such as IMAP, POP, FTP, and SMTP. However, you can use TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2 to manage your Pure-FTPd server.

Additionally, the OpenSSL cipher settings now default to Mozilla’s modern cipher suite settings, which pass PCI compliance scans:


You must reset your current systems’ configuration settings and security protocol settings in order to apply the new default settings.

When you upgrade your system from cPanel & WHM version 66 to cPanel & WHM version 68, your system’s cipher suite settings and security protocol settings will not change.

For more information, read the following documentation:

Pure-FTPd and ProFTPD restart failure and configuration file

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we improved how we interact with Pure-FTPd and ProFTPD. The system rebuilds the FTP configuration file (either the /etc/pure-ftpd.conf or the /etc/proftpd.conf file) if an FTP service fails to restart. The system replaces Pure-FTPd’s or ProFTPD’s configuration file with cPanel’s default configuration file if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • The configuration file fails any current checks.

  • The configuration file fails a validity check.

  • The file does not exist.

    • If the rebuild logic replaces the configuration file, the system preserves and renames the original configuration file. The new filename includes a timestamp and the reason that the system replaced the file.

    • Do not rely on the system to replace your configuration files under normal circumstances. Instead, we strongly recommend that you use the FTP Server Configuration interface (WHM » Home » Service Configuration » FTP Server Configuration).

SSL storage modification

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we redesigned the datastore for Apache’s SSL certificates and converted the database to SQLite. The new system dramatically increases the speed of SSL management and Apache-restart-times on servers that host large numbers of SSL certificates.

This update could potentially break the following two operations:

  1. Custom Apache virtual host templates no longer receive the vhost.sslcertificatekeyfile variable or the vhost.sslcertificatefile variable. Instead, custom templates load all resources via the vhost.sslcertificatefile variable.

  2. The contents of a virtual host’s YAML file in the /var/cpanel/userdata/ directory no longer determine the location of a virtual host’s SSL certificate. The system ignores any custom SSL path values in these files.

Custom SSL template configuration

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we disable any .local file templates that are incompatible with the new SSL certificate-loading logic. We rename these files during the upgrade.

  • We strongly recommend that you back up any .local template customizations before you upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 68.

  • If you use the /var/cpanel/templates/apache2_4/ssl_vhost.local file to override the default SSL configuration template, you must merge the changes back into the /var/cpanel/templates/apache2_4/ssl_vhost.local file after you upgrade. If you do not merge the changes, you will lose all of your customizations.

  • For more information, read our Custom Templates documentation.

Deprecated and removed items

Removed RPM targets

cPanel & WHM version 68 removes the MySQL50 and MySQL51 targets from the rpm.versions system. We removed support for MySQL versions 5.0 and 5.1 in cPanel & WHM version 60.


The upgrade process from cPanel & WHM version 60 to cPanel & WHM version 62 requires MySQL version 5.5 or higher. For this reason, this removal should not impact most servers. For more information, read our Upgrade Blockers documentation.

Removed privileges

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we removed the Demo and Any ACLs from WHM’s Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges interface (WHM » Home » Resellers » Edit Reseller and Nameserver Privileges).

Removed cPanel Feature Spotlight

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we removed the cPanel interface’s feature spotlight and the associated cPanel Spotlight feature in WHM’s Feature Manager interface (WHM » Home » Packages » Feature Manager).

Removed WHM API 1 function

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we removed the WHM API 1 getlongtermsupport function.

Removed cgiemail and cgiecho

cPanel & WHM version 68 removes cgiemail and cgiecho. For more information, read our cPanel Deprecation Plan documentation.

Deprecated hardened kernel

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we deprecated the cPanel-provided hardened kernel. We strongly recommend that you use the KernelCare “Extra” Patchset from CloudLinux™. For more information about this update, contact CloudLinux.

Removed Recently Uploaded CGI Script Mail notification

In cPanel & WHM version 68, we removed the Recently Uploaded CGI Script Mail notification option from WHM’s Contact Manager interface (WHM » Home » Server Contacts » Contact Manager). To better counteract the abilities of email spammers, we replaced the legacy system with the new outbound email tracking system. To monitor potential spammers, you must now use the Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected and Maximum Hourly Emails Exceeded notifications instead. We strongly recommend that you enable both of these settings.

Appendix A: Third-party applications


cPanel & WHM version 68 includes the following third-party applications:

Third-party application Version Source
analog 6.0 RPM
AngularJS 1.4.4 RPM
AngularJS for Bootstrap 1.2.5 RPM
AWStats 7.4 RPM
Bootstrap 3.1.1 RPM
Bootstrap RTL 0.9.16 RPM
Chosen 1.5.1 RPM
CKEditor™ 4.5.8 RPM
ClamAV 0.99.2 RPM
cPanel Common Licenses RPM 1.0.0 RPM
cpanel-ace-editor 1.2.6 RPM
cpanel-angular-chosen 1.4.0 RPM
cpanel-angular-growl-2 0.7.3 RPM
cpanel-angular-ui-scroll 1.6.1 RPM
cpanel-bindp 1.0.0 RPM
cpanel-chosen-1.1.0 1.1.0 RPM
cpanel-d3-js 3.5.6 RPM
cpanel-dnspython 1.12.0 RPM
cpanel-gridstack 0.2.4 RPM
cpanel-handlebarsjs 1.0.0 RPM
cpanel-jquery-ui-touch-punch 0.2.3 RPM
cpanel-jsforge-js 0.7.0 RPM
cpanel-jstz-js 1.0.4 RPM
cpanel-lodash 4.8.2 RPM
cpanel-lodash-3.10.1 3.10.1 RPM
cpanel-mailman 2.1.23 RPM
cpanel-moment 2.9.0 RPM
cpanel-pdns 3.4.10 RPM
cpanel-php-composer 1.1.1 RPM
cpanel-phpmyadmin 4.7.3 RPM
cpanel-qrcodejs 0.0.1 RPM
cpanel-roundcubemail 1.2.4 RPM
cpanel-sqlite 3.10.2 RPM
Dovecot 2.2.32 RPM
dovecot-xaps 2.2.32 RPM
elFinder 2.1.11 RPM
Exim 4.89 RPM
FontAwesome 4.3.0 RPM
Git 2.14.0 RPM
HTML Tidy 1.1 RPM
IMAP 2007f RPM
jQuery 3.2.0 3.2.0 RPM
Libmcrypt 2.5.8 RPM
libspf2 1.2.10 RPM
libsrs_alt SRS library 1.0 RPM
MariaDB Native Client library 1.0.1 RPM
MindTerm v121 src/3rdparty/gpl
Mongrel 1.1.5 src/3rdparty/ruby/gems
MySQL® 5.1.73 RPM
MySQL® 5.5 5.5.57 RPM
MySQL® 5.6 5.6.37 RPM
NSD 3.2.18 RPM
Open Sans 1.0 RPM
p0f 3.09b RPM
phpPgAdmin 5.0.4 src/3rdparty/gpl
phpPgAdmin 5.1 src/3rdparty/gpl
PigZ 2.3.4 RPM
PostgreSQL 9.0.18 RPM
ProFTPD 1.3.5b RPM
Pure-FTP 1.0.45 RPM
PuttyGen 0.70 RPM
Rack 1.1.6 src/3rdparty/ruby/gems
re2c RPM
RequireJS 2.1.14 RPM
rpm_is_working 1.0 RPM
RRDs v1.5.5 RPM
rrdtool 1.5.5 RPM
splitlogs 1.0 RPM
squirrelmail client for webmail 2012.12.09 RPM
User::Perl 1.0 RPM
Webalizer 2.23_08 RPM
yui (Yahoo User Experience Tools) 2.9.0 RPM

PHP Modules

Third-party application Version Source
Auth_SASL 1.0.6 RPM
Cache 1.5.6 RPM
Console_Color 1.0.3 RPM
Console_Table 1.1.5 RPM
content 2.0.5 RPM
cpanel-php56 5.6.30 RPM
Date 1.4.7 RPM
Date_Holidays 0.21.8 RPM
Date_Holidays_Australia 0.2.1 RPM
Date_Holidays_Austria 0.1.5 RPM
Date_Holidays_Brazil 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Croatia 0.1.1 RPM
Date_Holidays_Czech 0.1.0 RPM
Date_Holidays_Denmark 0.1.3 RPM
Date_Holidays_EnglandWales 0.1.5 RPM
Date_Holidays_Finland 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Germany 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Iceland 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Ireland 0.1.3 RPM
Date_Holidays_Italy 0.1.1 RPM
Date_Holidays_Japan 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Netherlands 0.1.3 RPM
Date_Holidays_Norway 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Portugal 0.1.0 RPM
Date_Holidays_Romania 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Russia 0.1.0 RPM
Date_Holidays_SanMarino 0.1.1 RPM
Date_Holidays_Serbia 0.1.0 RPM
Date_Holidays_Slovenia 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_Spain 0.1.3 RPM
Date_Holidays_Sweden 0.1.3 RPM
Date_Holidays_Turkey 0.1.1 RPM
Date_Holidays_Ukraine 0.1.2 RPM
Date_Holidays_UNO 0.1.3 RPM
Date_Holidays_USA 0.1.1 RPM
Date_Holidays_Venezuela 0.1.1 RPM
DB 1.7.14 RPM
File 1.4.1 RPM
File_Find 1.3.2 RPM
File_Fstab 2.0.3 RPM
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.2.10 RPM
Horde_Alarm 2.2.7 RPM
Horde_Argv 2.0.12 RPM
Horde_Auth 2.1.12 RPM
Horde_Autoloader 2.1.2 RPM
Horde_Browser 2.0.12 RPM
Horde_Cache 2.5.3 RPM
Horde_Cli 2.0.6 RPM
Horde_Compress 2.1.5 RPM
Horde_Compress_Fast 1.1.1 RPM
Horde_Constraint 2.0.3 RPM
Horde_Controller 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_Core 2.23.0 RPM
Horde_Crypt 2.7.3 RPM
Horde_Crypt_Blowfish 1.1.1 RPM
Horde_Css_Parser 1.0.10 RPM
Horde_CssMinify 1.0.2 RPM
Horde_Data 2.1.4 RPM
Horde_Date 2.3.0 RPM
Horde_Date_Parser 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Dav 1.1.3 RPM
Horde_Db 2.3.1 RPM
Horde_Editor 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_ElasticSearch 1.0.2 RPM
Horde_Exception 2.0.8 RPM
Horde_Feed 2.0.1 RPM
Horde_Form 2.0.13 RPM
Horde_Group 2.1.1 RPM
Horde_HashTable 1.2.4 RPM
Horde_History 2.3.6 RPM
Horde_Http 2.1.6 RPM
Horde_Icalendar 2.1.4 RPM
Horde_Idna 1.0.4 RPM
Horde_Image 2.3.5 RPM
Horde_Imap_Client 2.29.6 RPM
Horde_Imsp 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Injector 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Itip 2.1.2 RPM
Horde_JavascriptMinify 1.1.3 RPM
Horde_Kolab_Format 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_Kolab_Session 2.0.1 RPM
Horde_ListHeaders 1.2.4 RPM
Horde_Lock 2.1.2 RPM
Horde_Log 2.2.0 RPM
Horde_LoginTasks 2.0.7 RPM
horde_lz4 1.0.10 RPM
Horde_Mail 2.6.3 RPM
Horde_Mail_Autoconfig 1.0.3 RPM
Horde_Mime 2.9.5 RPM
Horde_Mime_Viewer 2.1.3 RPM
Horde_Nls 2.2.0 RPM
Horde_Notification 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_Oauth 2.0.1 RPM
Horde_Pack 1.0.6 RPM
Horde_Pdf 2.0.3 RPM
Horde_Perms 2.1.7 RPM
Horde_Prefs 2.7.6 RPM
Horde_Queue 1.1.3 RPM
Horde_Rdo 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Role 1.0.1 RPM
Horde_Routes 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Rpc 2.1.7 RPM
Horde_Secret 2.0.6 RPM
Horde_Serialize 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Service_Facebook 2.0.5 RPM
Horde_Service_Twitter 2.1.1 RPM
Horde_SessionHandler 2.2.7 RPM
Horde_Share 2.0.10 RPM
Horde_Smtp 1.9.3 RPM
Horde_Socket_Client 2.1.1 RPM
Horde_SpellChecker 2.1.3 RPM
Horde_Stream 1.6.3 RPM
Horde_Stream_Filter 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_Stream_Wrapper 2.1.3 RPM
Horde_Support 2.1.5 RPM
Horde_SyncMl 2.0.3 RPM
Horde_Template 2.0.3 RPM
Horde_Text_Diff 2.1.2 RPM
Horde_Text_Filter 2.3.4 RPM
Horde_Text_Flowed 2.0.3 RPM
Horde_Timezone 1.0.11 RPM
Horde_Token 2.0.9 RPM
Horde_Translation 2.2.1 RPM
Horde_Tree 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_Url 2.2.5 RPM
Horde_Util 2.5.7 RPM
Horde_Vfs 2.3.2 RPM
Horde_View 2.0.6 RPM
Horde_Xml_Element 2.0.4 RPM
Horde_Xml_Wbxml 2.0.1 RPM
Horde_Yaml 2.0.2 RPM
HTML_Template_IT 1.3.0 RPM
HTTP 1.4.1 RPM
HTTP_Request 1.4.4 RPM
HTTP_WebDAV_Server 1.0.0RC8 RPM
imp 6.2.14 RPM
ingo 3.2.10 RPM
ionCube Loader 5.1.2 RPM
Kronolith 4.2.16 RPM
Log 1.12.7 RPM
Mail 1.2.0 RPM
Mail_Mime 1.8.3 RPM
MDB2 2.4.1 RPM
Mnemo 4.2.10 RPM
nag 4.2.9 RPM
Net_DNS2 1.4.1 RPM
Net_FTP 1.3.7 RPM
Net_IMAP 1.1.2 RPM
Net_Sieve 1.3.2 RPM
Net_SMTP 1.6.2 RPM
Net_Socket 1.0.14 RPM
Net_URL 1.0.15 RPM
Net_UserAgent_Detect 2.5.2 RPM
PEAR_Command_Packaging 0.3.0 RPM
Services_Weather 1.4.7 RPM
SOAP 0.13.0 RPM
SourceGuardian PHP Encoder 10.0 RPM
Text_Figlet 1.0.2 RPM
timeobjects 2.1.2 RPM
trean 1.1.5 RPM
turba 4.2.14 RPM
webmail 5.2.14 RPM
XML_Parser 1.3.4 RPM
XML_Serializer 0.20.2 RPM
Zend Optimizer 7.0.0 RPM

Perl modules

Third-party application Version Source
ack 2.16 RPM
Acme::Bleach 1.150 RPM
Acme::Damn 0.08 RPM
Acme::Spork v0.0.8 RPM
Algorithm::C3 0.10 RPM
Algorithm::Dependency 1.110 RPM
Algorithm::Diff 1.1903 RPM
aliased 0.34 RPM
Amazon::S3 0.45 RPM
AnyEvent 7.13 RPM
Apache SpamAssassin™ 3.004001 RPM
Apache::LogFormat::Compiler 0.35 RPM
App::Cmd 0.331 RPM
App::CmdDispatch 0.43 RPM
App::Nopaste 1.008 RPM
AppConfig 1.71 RPM
Archive::Any 0.0945 RPM
Archive::Extract 0.80 RPM
Archive::Tar::Builder 2.5002 RPM
Archive::Tar::Streamed 0.03 RPM
Archive::Tar::Wrapper 0.23 RPM
Archive::Zip 1.59 RPM
Authen::Libwrap 0.23 RPM
Authen::SASL 2.16 RPM
autobox 2.85 RPM
B::C 5.024019 RPM
B::Flags 0.16 RPM
B::Hooks::EndOfScope 0.21 RPM
B::Hooks::OP::Check 0.19 RPM
B::Keywords 1.15 RPM
B::Lint 1.20 RPM
B::Utils 0.27 RPM
bareword::filehandles 0.004 RPM
Browser::Open 0.04 RPM
BSD::Resource 1.2910 RPM
Build::PPK 0.03 RPM
Business::ISBN::Data 20140910.003 RPM
Business::ISBN 3.003 RPM
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet 3.23 RPM
Business::OnlinePayment 3.04 RPM
Business::UPS 2.01 RPM
Cache::Cache 1.08 RPM
Cache::FastMmap 1.45 RPM
Cache::Memcached::GetParserXS 0.01 RPM
Cache::Memcached 1.30 RPM
Capture::Tiny 0.46 RPM
Carp::Always 0.13 RPM
Carp::Clan 6.06 RPM
Catalyst::Action::RenderView 0.16 RPM
Catalyst::Action::REST 1.20 RPM
Catalyst::ActionRole::ACL 0.07 RPM
Catalyst::Authentication::Store::DBIx::Class 0.1506 RPM
Catalyst::Component::InstancePerContext 0.001001 RPM
Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole 0.17 RPM
Catalyst::Devel 1.39 RPM
Catalyst::Log::Log4perl 1.06 RPM
Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema 0.65 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication 0.10023 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::Roles 0.09 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD 2.200002 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Browser 0.08 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::FastMmap 0.9 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Cache 0.12 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader 0.34 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::HashedCookies 1.131710 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Redirect 0.02 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::Cookie 0.17 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap 0.16 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Session 0.40 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace 0.12 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple 0.33 RPM
Catalyst::Plugin::UploadProgress 0.06 RPM
Catalyst::Runtime 5.90114 RPM
Catalyst::TraitFor::Request::BrowserDetect 0.02 RPM
Catalyst::View::JSON 0.36 RPM
Catalyst::View::TT 0.44 RPM
CatalystX::Component::Traits 0.19 RPM
CatalystX::RoleApplicator 0.005 RPM
CDB_File 0.99 RPM
CGI::Deurl::XS 0.08 RPM
CGI::Session 4.48 RPM
CGI::Simple 1.115 RPM
CGI::Struct 1.21 RPM
CGI 4.35 RPM
Class::Accessor::Chained 0.01 RPM
Class::Accessor::Grouped 0.10012 RPM
Class::Accessor 0.34 RPM
Class::Base 0.08 RPM
Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT 0.14 RPM
Class::C3::Componentised 1.001000 RPM
Class::C3 0.32 RPM
Class::Data::Inheritable 0.08 RPM
Class::ErrorHandler 0.04 RPM
Class::Factory::Util 1.7 RPM
Class::Inner 0.200001 RPM
Class::Inspector 1.31 RPM
Class::Load::XS 0.09 RPM
Class::Load 0.23 RPM
Class::Loader 2.03 RPM
Class::Method::Modifiers 2.12 RPM
Class::Singleton 1.5 RPM
Class::Std::Utils v0.0.3 RPM
Class::Std 0.013 RPM
Class::Tiny::Chained 0.004 RPM
Class::Tiny 1.006 RPM
Class::Unload 0.09 RPM
Class::XSAccessor 1.19 RPM
Clipboard 0.13 RPM
Clone::PP 1.06 RPM
Clone 0.38 RPM
common::sense 3.74 RPM
Compress::Bzip2 2.25 RPM
Compress::Raw::Lzma 2.074 RPM
Config::Any 0.29 RPM
Config::Crontab 1.43 RPM
Config::General 2.63 RPM
Config::GitLike 1.16 RPM
Config::Identity 0.0019 RPM
Config::INI 0.025 RPM
Config::MVP::Reader::INI 2.101463 RPM
Config::MVP 2.200010 RPM
Config::Simple 4.58 RPM
Config::Tiny 2.23 RPM
Context::Preserve 0.01 RPM
Convert::ASCII::Armour 1.4 RPM
Convert::ASN1 0.27 RPM
Convert::BinHex 1.125 RPM
Convert::PEM 0.08 RPM
Convert::TNEF 0.18 RPM
Cookie::Baker 0.07 RPM
CPAN::DistnameInfo 0.12 RPM
CPAN::Meta::Check 0.014 RPM
CPAN::SQLite 0.211 RPM
CPAN::Uploader 0.103013 RPM
cpanel-perl-524 5.24.1 RPM
Cpanel::Class v1.0.6 RPM
Cpanel::Cleanup 0.4 RPM
Cpanel::CORE::Dependencies 1.9 RPM
Cpanel::JSON::XS 3.0230 RPM
cPanel::MemTest 0.3 RPM
Cpanel::Optimizer 0.2 RPM
Cpanel::OS 0.9 RPM
Cpanel::POSIX::Tiny 1.3 RPM
cPanel::PublicAPI 2 RPM
cPanel::SyncUtil 0.8 RPM
cPanel::TaskQueue 0.800 RPM
Cpanel::UniqId 0.2 RPM
Crypt::Blowfish 2.14 RPM
Crypt::CAST5_PP 1.04 RPM
Crypt::CBC 2.33 RPM
Crypt::DES 2.07 RPM
Crypt::DES_EDE3 0.01 RPM
Crypt::DSA 1.17 RPM
Crypt::Format 0.07 RPM
Crypt::GPG 1.64 RPM
Crypt::IDEA 1.10 RPM
Crypt::JWT 0.018 RPM
Crypt::OpenPGP 1.12 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum 0.08 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::DSA 0.19 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS10 0.16 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::PKCS12 0.7 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::Random 0.11 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA 0.28 RPM
Crypt::OpenSSL::X509 1.804 RPM
Crypt::Passwd::XS 0.601 RPM
Crypt::PKCS10 1.800201 RPM
Crypt::Primes 0.50 RPM
Crypt::Random 1.25 RPM
Crypt::RC4 2.02 RPM
Crypt::Rijndael 1.13 RPM
Crypt::Rijndael_PP 0.05 RPM
Crypt::RIPEMD160 0.06 RPM
Crypt::RSA 1.99 RPM
Crypt::SaltedHash 0.09 RPM
Crypt::SSLeay 0.72 RPM
Crypt::Twofish 2.17 RPM
Crypt::URandom 0.36 RPM
Crypt::X509 0.51 RPM
CryptX 0.044 RPM
CSS::Simple 3223 RPM
CSS::SpriteMaker 1.01 RPM
Curses::UI 0.9609 RPM
Curses 1.36 RPM
Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible 0.703 RPM
Dancer2::Plugin::DBIC 0.0013 RPM
Dancer2::Plugin::REST 1.01 RPM
Dancer2 0.205000 RPM
Danga::Socket 1.61 RPM
Data::Buffer 0.04 RPM
Data::Compare 1.25 RPM
Data::Dump::Streamer 2.40 RPM
Data::Dump 1.23 RPM
Data::Dumper::Concise 2.022 RPM
Data::MessagePack 1.00 RPM
Data::Munge 0.096 RPM
Data::OptList 0.110 RPM
Data::Page 2.02 RPM
Data::Printer 0.38 RPM
Data::Random 0.12 RPM
Data::Rmap 0.65 RPM
Data::Section 0.200006 RPM
Data::Serializer 0.60 RPM
Data::Util 0.65 RPM
Data::UUID 1.221 RPM
Data::Validate::Domain 0.14 RPM
Data::Validate::IP 0.27 RPM
Data::Validate::URI 0.07 RPM
Data::Visitor 0.30 RPM
Date::Manip 6.58 RPM
Date::Simple 3.03 RPM
DateTime::Format::Builder 0.81 RPM
DateTime::Format::Pg 0.16012 RPM
DateTime::Format::Strptime 1.73 RPM
DateTime::Locale 1.14 RPM
DateTime::TimeZone 2.10 RPM
DateTime 1.42 RPM
DBD::Mock 1.45 RPM
DBD::mysql 4.042 RPM
DBD::Pg 3.5.3 RPM
DBD::PgPP 0.08 RPM
DBD::SQLite2 0.37 RPM
DBD::SQLite 1.54 RPM
DBI 1.636 RPM
DBICx::Sugar 0.0100 RPM
DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::Serializer 0.09 RPM
DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader 0.07046 RPM
DBIx::Class 0.082840 RPM
DBIx::MyParsePP 0.50 RPM
Devel::CallChecker 0.007 RPM
Devel::Caller 2.06 RPM
Devel::CallParser 0.002 RPM
Devel::CheckLib 1.09 RPM
Devel::CheckOS 1.79 RPM
Devel::Cover 1.23 RPM
Devel::FindPerl 0.014 RPM
Devel::GlobalDestruction::XS 0.03 RPM
Devel::GlobalDestruction 0.14 RPM
Devel::Hide 0.0009 RPM
Devel::LexAlias 0.05 RPM
Devel::NYTProf 6.04 RPM
Devel::OverloadInfo 0.004 RPM
Devel::REPL 1.003028 RPM
Devel::Size 0.80 RPM
Devel::StackTrace::AsHTML 0.15 RPM
Devel::StackTrace 2.02 RPM
Devel::Symdump 2.18 RPM
Diff::LibXDiff 0.05 RPM
Digest::BubbleBabble 0.02 RPM
Digest::FNV 2.00 RPM
Digest::HMAC 1.03 RPM
Digest::MD2 2.04 RPM
Digest::MD4 1.9 RPM
Digest::MD5::File 0.08 RPM
Digest::Perl::MD5 1.9 RPM
Digest::SHA1 2.13 RPM
Dist::CheckConflicts 0.11 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Config::Git 0.92 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git 2.041 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GitHub 0.43 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PerlTidy 0.21 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PodWeaver 4.008 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Prereqs::FromCPANfile 0.08 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Repository 0.20 RPM
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::Perl::Critic 3.000 RPM
Dist::Zilla 6.009 RPM
Dumbbench 0.10 RPM
DynaLoader::Functions 0.002 RPM
Email::Abstract 3.008 RPM
Email::Address 1.908 RPM
Email::Date::Format 1.005 RPM
Email::MessageID 1.406 RPM
Email::MIME::ContentType 1.018 RPM
Email::MIME::Encodings 1.315 RPM
Email::MIME 1.940 RPM
Email::Sender 1.300030 RPM
Email::Simple 2.213 RPM
Email::Valid 1.202 RPM
Encode::Detect 1.01 RPM
Encode::Locale 1.05 RPM
Env::Path 0.19 RPM
Error 0.17024 RPM
EV 4.22 RPM
Eval::Closure 0.14 RPM
Exception::Class 1.42 RPM
Expect 1.33 RPM
Exporter::Tiny 0.044 RPM
ExtUtils::Config 0.008 RPM
ExtUtils::Helpers 0.026 RPM
ExtUtils::InstallPaths 0.011 RPM
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::CPANfile 0.07 RPM
File::BaseDir 0.07 RPM
File::ChangeNotify 0.27 RPM
File::chdir 0.1010 RPM
File::CheckTree 4.42 RPM
File::Comments 0.08 RPM
File::Copy::Recursive 0.38 RPM
File::DesktopEntry 0.22 RPM
File::Find::Rule::Filesys::Virtual 1.22 RPM
File::Find::Rule::Perl 1.15 RPM
File::Find::Rule 0.34 RPM
File::HomeDir 1.00 RPM
File::Listing 6.04 RPM
File::MimeInfo 0.28 RPM
File::MMagic::XS 0.09008 RPM
File::MMagic 1.30 RPM
File::Next 1.16 RPM
File::NFSLock 1.27 RPM
File::Path::Tiny 0.8 RPM
File::pushd 1.014 RPM
File::ReadBackwards 1.05 RPM
File::Remove 1.57 RPM
File::Rsync 0.49 RPM
File::Scan::ClamAV 1.95 RPM
File::Share 0.25 RPM
File::ShareDir::Install 0.11 RPM
File::ShareDir::ProjectDistDir 1.000009 RPM
File::ShareDir 1.102 RPM
File::Slurp::Tiny 0.004 RPM
File::Slurp 9999.19 RPM
File::Tail 1.3 RPM
File::Touch 0.11 RPM
File::Which 1.21 RPM
Filesys::Df 0.92 RPM
Filesys::Notify::Simple 0.12 RPM
Filesys::POSIX v0.9.19 RPM
Filesys::Statvfs 0.82 RPM
Filesys::Virtual 0.06 RPM
Font::AFM 1.20 RPM
forks 0.36 RPM
GD 2.56 RPM
GDGraph 1.54 RPM
GDTextUtil 0.86 RPM
Gearman v2.3.1 RPM
Geo::IP 1.50 RPM
Geo::IPfree 1.151940 RPM
Geography::Countries 2009041301 RPM
Getopt::Euclid 0.004005 RPM
Getopt::Long::Descriptive 0.100 RPM
Getopt::Param::Tiny 0.5 RPM
Getopt::Param 0.0.5 RPM
Git::Raw 0.72 RPM
Git::Repository 1.320 RPM
Git::Version::Compare 1.004 RPM
Git::Wrapper 0.047 RPM
Graph::Easy::As_svg 0.23 RPM
Graph::Easy::Manual 0.41 RPM
Graph::Easy 0.76 RPM
Graph::Flowchart 0.11 RPM
Guard 1.023 RPM
Hash::Merge::Simple 0.051 RPM
Hash::Merge 0.200 RPM
Hash::MultiValue 0.16 RPM
Hash::Util::FieldHash::Compat 0.11 RPM
Hook::LexWrap 0.26 RPM
HTML::Form 6.03 RPM
HTML::Formatter 2.16 RPM
HTML::Parser 3.72 RPM
HTML::StripTags 1.01 RPM
HTML::Tagset 3.20 RPM
HTML::Template 2.95 RPM
HTML::Tree 5.03 RPM
HTTP::Body 1.22 RPM
HTTP::BrowserDetect 3.14 RPM
HTTP::CookieJar 0.008 RPM
HTTP::Cookies 6.01 RPM
HTTP::Daemon::App v0.0.9 RPM
HTTP::Daemon::SSL 1.04 RPM
HTTP::Daemon 6.01 RPM
HTTP::Date 6.02 RPM
HTTP::Entity::Parser 0.19 RPM
HTTP::Headers::Fast 0.21 RPM
HTTP::Message 6.11 RPM
HTTP::MultiPartParser 0.01 RPM
HTTP::Negotiate 6.01 RPM
HTTP::Parser::XS 0.17 RPM
HTTP::Request::AsCGI 1.2 RPM
HTTP::Response::Stringable 0.0002 RPM
HTTP::Server::Simple 0.51 RPM
HTTP::Tiny::UA 0.004 RPM
HTTP::XSCookies 0.000007 RPM
HTTP::XSHeaders 0.400003 RPM
Image::Base 1.17 RPM
Image::Info 1.39 RPM
Image::Size 3.300 RPM
Image::Xbm 1.10 RPM
Image::Xpm 1.13 RPM
Import::Into 1.002005 RPM
Importer 0.024 RPM
indirect 0.37 RPM
IO::AIO 4.34 RPM
IO::Callback 1.12 RPM
IO::CaptureOutput 1.1104 RPM
IO::CloseFDs 1.01 RPM
IO::HTML 1.001 RPM
IO::Interactive::Tiny 0.2 RPM
IO::Interactive 1.022 RPM
IO::Interface 1.09 RPM
IO::Prompt 0.997004 RPM
IO::SessionData 1.03 RPM
IO::Socket::ByteCounter v0.0.2 RPM
IO::Socket::INET6 2.72 RPM
IO::Socket::IP 0.39 RPM
IO::Socket::SSL 2.047 RPM
IO::String 1.08 RPM
IO::stringy 2.111 RPM
IO::Stty 0.03 RPM
IO::TieCombine 1.005 RPM
IO::Tty 1.12 RPM
IP::Country 2.28 RPM
IPC::Pipeline 1.0 RPM
IPC::Run3 0.048 RPM
IPC::Run 0.94 RPM
IPC::System::Simple 1.25 RPM
JSON::Any 1.39 RPM
JSON::MaybeXS 1.003009 RPM
JSON::WebToken 0.10 RPM
Lchown 1.01 RPM
Lexical::Persistence 1.020 RPM
Lexical::SealRequireHints 0.010 RPM
lib::restrict v0.0.5 RPM
libwww::perl 6.24 RPM
libxml::perl 0.08 RPM
Lingua::EN::FindNumber 1.32 RPM
Lingua::EN::Inflect::Number 1.12 RPM
Lingua::EN::Inflect::Phrase 0.18 RPM
Lingua::EN::Inflect 1.901 RPM
Lingua::EN::Number::IsOrdinal 0.05 RPM
Lingua::EN::Tagger 0.28 RPM
Lingua::EN::Words2Nums 0.18 RPM
Lingua::PT::Stemmer 0.02 RPM
Lingua::Stem::Fr 0.02 RPM
Lingua::Stem::It 0.02 RPM
Lingua::Stem::Ru 0.04 RPM
Lingua::Stem::Snowball::Da 1.01 RPM
Lingua::Stem 0.84 RPM
Linux::Ext2::FileAttributes 0.01 RPM
Linux::Inotify2 1.22 RPM
List::AllUtils 0.14 RPM
List::Cycle 1.02 RPM
List::MoreUtils 0.416 RPM
List::SomeUtils::XS 0.52 RPM
List::SomeUtils 0.53 RPM
List::UtilsBy 0.10 RPM
local::lib 2.000019 RPM
Locale::Maketext::Pseudo 0.6 RPM
Locale::Maketext::Utils 0.42 RPM
Locales 0.34 RPM
Log::Dispatch::Array 1.003 RPM
Log::Dispatch 2.63 RPM
Log::Dispatchouli 2.015 RPM
Log::Log4perl 1.49 RPM
Log::Message::Simple 0.10 RPM
Log::Message 0.08 RPM
LWP::MediaTypes 6.02 RPM
LWP::Protocol::https 6.07 RPM
LWP::Protocol::PSGI 0.09 RPM
LWP::UserAgent::Determined 1.07 RPM
LWP::UserAgent::DNS::Hosts 0.11 RPM
Mail::Alias::Reader 0.06 RPM
Mail::DKIM 0.40 RPM
Mail::DomainKeys 1.0 RPM
Mail::IMAPClient 3.39 RPM
Mail::POP3Client 2.19 RPM
Mail::SendEasy 1.2 RPM
Mail::Sender::Easy v0.0.5 RPM
Mail::Sender 0.903 RPM
Mail::SPF v2.9.0 RPM
Mail::SRS 0.31 RPM
MailTools 2.18 RPM
Math::Base85 0.2 RPM
Math::BigInt::GMP 1.6004 RPM
Math::BigInt::Pari 1.3003 RPM
Math::BigInt 1.999810 RPM
Math::Combinatorics 0.09 RPM
Math::Fibonacci::Phi 0.02 RPM
Math::Fibonacci 1.5 RPM
Math::Pari 2.01080900 RPM
Math::Permute::List 1.007 RPM
Math::Random::ISAAC::XS 1.004 RPM
Math::Round 0.07 RPM
MCE 1.820 RPM
MD5 2.03 RPM
Memoize::ExpireLRU 0.56 RPM
MIME::Base32 1.301 RPM
MIME::Lite 3.030 RPM
MIME::tools 5.508 RPM
MIME::Types 2.13 RPM
Mixin::Linewise 0.108 RPM
Module::Build::Tiny 0.039 RPM
Module::Build 0.4220 RPM
Module::CPANfile 1.1002 RPM
Module::Extract::VERSION 1.113 RPM
Module::Find 0.13 RPM
Module::Implementation 0.09 RPM
Module::Install 1.17 RPM
Module::Load::Conditional 0.68 RPM
Module::Path 0.19 RPM
Module::Pluggable 5.2 RPM
Module::Refresh 0.17 RPM
Module::Runtime::Conflicts 0.003 RPM
Module::Runtime 0.014 RPM
Module::ScanDeps 1.23 RPM
Module::Signature 0.81 RPM
Module::Want 0.6 RPM
Mojo::JWT 0.05 RPM
Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth2::Server 0.35 RPM
Mojolicious 7.29 RPM
Moment 1.3.0 RPM
Moo 2.003001 RPM
Moose::Autobox 0.16 RPM
Moose 2.2004 RPM
MooseX::AttributeShortcuts 0.028 RPM
MooseX::ConfigFromFile 0.14 RPM
MooseX::Daemonize 0.21 RPM
MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast 0.00903 RPM
MooseX::Getopt 0.71 RPM
MooseX::Has::Sugar 1.000006 RPM
MooseX::LazyRequire 0.11 RPM
MooseX::MarkAsMethods 0.15 RPM
MooseX::Meta::TypeConstraint::Mooish 0.001 RPM
MooseX::MethodAttributes 0.31 RPM
MooseX::NonMoose 0.26 RPM
MooseX::Object::Pluggable 0.0014 RPM
MooseX::OneArgNew 0.005 RPM
MooseX::Params::Validate 0.21 RPM
MooseX::RelatedClassRoles 0.004 RPM
MooseX::Role::Parameterized 1.09 RPM
MooseX::Role::WithOverloading 0.17 RPM
MooseX::SemiAffordanceAccessor 0.10 RPM
MooseX::SetOnce 0.200002 RPM
MooseX::SimpleConfig 0.11 RPM
MooseX::Singleton 0.30 RPM
MooseX::Traits::Pluggable 0.12 RPM
MooseX::Types::Common 0.001014 RPM
MooseX::Types::LoadableClass 0.014 RPM
MooseX::Types::Path::Class 0.09 RPM
MooseX::Types::Path::Tiny 0.011 RPM
MooseX::Types::Perl 0.101343 RPM
MooseX::Types::Stringlike 0.003 RPM
MooseX::Types 0.50 RPM
MooX::Types::MooseLike 0.29 RPM
Mouse v2.4.9 RPM
Mozilla::CA 20170227 RPM
Mozilla::PublicSuffix v1.0.0 RPM
MRO::Compat 0.12 RPM
multidimensional 0.012 RPM
munin 2.0.30 RPM
MySQL::Diff 0.50 RPM
namespace::autoclean 0.28 RPM
namespace::clean 0.27 RPM
Net::Address::IPv4::Local 0.12 RPM
Net::AIM 1.22 RPM
Net::Amazon::Signature::V4 0.16 RPM
Net::CIDR 0.18 RPM
Net::Daemon::SSL 1.0 RPM
Net::Daemon 0.48 RPM
Net::DAV::Server 1.305 RPM
Net::DNS::SEC 1.03 RPM
Net::DNS 1.11 RPM
Net::Domain::TLD 1.75 RPM
Net::FastCGI 0.14 RPM
Net::FTPSSL 0.35 RPM
Net::Google::Drive::Simple 0.12 RPM
Net::HTTP 6.13 RPM
Net::HTTPS::Any 0.12 RPM
Net::HTTPTunnel 0.51 RPM
Net::Ident 1.24 RPM
Net::IDN::Encode 2.400 RPM
Net::IMAP::Client 0.9505 RPM
Net::IP::Match::Regexp 1.01 RPM
Net::IP 1.26 RPM
Net::IPv4Addr 0.10 RPM
Net::Jabber::Bot 2.1.5 RPM
Net::Jabber 2.0 RPM
Net::LDAP::Server 0.43 RPM
Net::LibIDN 0.12 RPM
Net::OAuth2::AuthorizationServer 0.14 RPM
Net::OAuth 0.28 RPM
Net::OpenSSH 0.74 RPM
Net::OSCAR 1.928 RPM
Net::Server 2.008 RPM
Net::SFTP::Foreign 1.87 RPM
Net::SNMP v6.0.1 RPM
Net::SOCKS 0.03 RPM
Net::SSLeay 1.80 RPM
Net::TCPwrappers 1.11 RPM
Net::Telnet 3.04 RPM
Net::Whois::IANA 0.41 RPM
Net::XMPP 1.05 RPM
NetAddr::IP 4.079 RPM
Number::Compare 0.03 RPM
Number::WithError 1.01 RPM
OAuth::Cmdline 0.06 RPM
OAuth::Lite2 0.11 RPM
Object::Accessor 0.48 RPM
Object::Signature 1.07 RPM
OIDC::Lite 0.10 RPM
OLE::Storage_Lite 0.19 RPM
Opcodes 0.14 RPM
Package::Constants 0.06 RPM
Package::DeprecationManager 0.17 RPM
Package::Stash::XS 0.28 RPM
Package::Stash 0.37 RPM
Package::Variant 1.003002 RPM
PadWalker 2.2 RPM
PAR::Dist 0.49 RPM
Parallel::ForkManager 1.19 RPM
Params::Util 1.07 RPM
Params::Validate 1.26 RPM
Params::ValidationCompiler 0.23 RPM
Parse::RecDescent 1.967013 RPM
Path::Class 0.37 RPM
Path::FindDev v0.5.3 RPM
Path::IsDev 1.001003 RPM
Path::Iter 0.2 RPM
Path::Iterator::Rule 1.012 RPM
Path::Tiny 0.104 RPM
PathTools 3.62 RPM
Perl6::Junction 1.60000 RPM
Perl::Critic::Policy::CompileTime 0.03 RPM
Perl::Critic 1.126 RPM
perl::ldap 0.65 RPM
Perl::MinimumVersion 1.38 RPM
Perl::PrereqScanner 1.023 RPM
Perl::Strip 1.1 RPM
Perl::Tidy 20160302 RPM
Perl::Version 1.013 RPM
Perlbal 1.80 RPM
PerlIO::utf8_strict 0.006 RPM
PHP::Serialization 0.34 RPM
Plack::Middleware::FixMissingBodyInRedirect 0.12 RPM
Plack::Middleware::MethodOverride 0.15 RPM
Plack::Middleware::RemoveRedundantBody 0.05 RPM
Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy 0.15 RPM
Plack::Test::ExternalServer 0.02 RPM
Plack 1.0043 RPM
Pod::Coverage 0.23 RPM
Pod::Elemental::PerlMunger 0.200006 RPM
Pod::Elemental 0.103004 RPM
Pod::Eventual 0.094001 RPM
Pod::LaTeX 0.61 RPM
Pod::Markdown 3.005 RPM
Pod::Spell 1.20 RPM
Pod::Weaver 4.015 RPM
POSIX::strftime::Compiler 0.42 RPM
PPI 1.220 RPM
PPIx::Regexp 0.051 RPM
PPIx::Utilities 1.001000 RPM
prefork 1.04 RPM
Pristine::Tar 1.40 RPM
Probe::Perl 0.03 RPM
Proc::Daemon 0.23 RPM
Proc::FastSpawn 1.2 RPM
Proc::PID::File 1.28 RPM
Proc::ProcessTable 0.53 RPM
Protocol::WebSocket 0.20 RPM
Quota 1.7.2 RPM
Razor2::Client::Agent 2.84 RPM
Readonly::XS 1.05 RPM
Readonly 2.05 RPM
Regexp::Parser 0.21 RPM
REST::Client 273 RPM
REST::Google::Translate2 v1.0.8 RPM
REST::Google 1.0.8 RPM
Return::MultiLevel 0.04 RPM
Role::HasMessage 0.006 RPM
Role::Identifiable 0.007 RPM
Role::Multiton 0.2 RPM
Role::Tiny 2.000005 RPM
Safe::Hole 0.13 RPM
Safe::Isa 1.000006 RPM
Scalar::List::Utils 1.45 RPM
Schedule::Cron::Events 1.95 RPM
Scope::Guard 0.21 RPM
Scope::Upper 0.29 RPM
Selenium::PageObject 0.012 RPM
Selenium::Remote::Driver 1.12 RPM
Sereal::Decoder 3.015 RPM
Sereal::Encoder 3.015 RPM
Sereal 3.015 RPM
Session::Token 1.503 RPM
Set::Crontab 1.03 RPM
Set::Object 1.35 RPM
Simple::Accessor 1.11 RPM
Smart::Comments 1.06 RPM
Snowball::Norwegian 1.2 RPM
Snowball::Swedish 1.2 RPM
SOAP::Lite 1.20 RPM
Socket6 0.28 RPM
Software::License 0.103012 RPM
Sort::Naturally 1.03 RPM
Sort::Versions 1.62 RPM
Specio 0.36 RPM
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel 0.65 RPM
Spreadsheet::Read 0.70 RPM
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel 2.40 RPM
SQL::Abstract 1.81 RPM
SQL::Statement 1.410 RPM
SQL::Translator 0.11021 RPM
Starman 0.4014 RPM
Statistics::CaseResampling 0.15 RPM
Statistics::Descriptive 3.0612 RPM
Stream::Buffered 0.03 RPM
strictures 2.000003 RPM
String::BOM 0.3 RPM
String::CamelCase 0.02 RPM
String::CRC32 1.5 RPM
String::Errf 0.008 RPM
String::Flogger 1.101245 RPM
String::Format 1.17 RPM
String::Formatter 0.102084 RPM
String::PerlQuote 0.02 RPM
String::Random 0.29 RPM
String::RewritePrefix 0.007 RPM
String::ShellQuote 1.04 RPM
String::ToIdentifier::EN 0.11 RPM
String::Truncate 1.100602 RPM
String::UnicodeUTF8 0.21 RPM
String::Unquotemeta 0.1 RPM
Sub::Exporter::ForMethods 0.100052 RPM
Sub::Exporter::GlobExporter 0.005 RPM
Sub::Exporter::Progressive 0.001013 RPM
Sub::Exporter 0.987 RPM
Sub::Identify 0.12 RPM
Sub::Info 0.002 RPM
Sub::Install 0.928 RPM
Sub::Name 0.21 RPM
Sub::Quote 2.003001 RPM
Sub::Uplevel 0.2600 RPM
SUPER 1.20141117 RPM
superclass 0.003 RPM
SVG::Parser 1.03 RPM
SVG::TT::Graph 0.25 RPM
SVG 2.64 RPM
Switch 2.17 RPM
Syntax::Keyword::Junction 0.003008 RPM
syntax 0.004 RPM
Sys::Hostname::Long 1.5 RPM
Sys::Info::Base 0.7804 RPM
Sys::Info::Driver::Linux 0.7903 RPM
Sys::Info 0.78 RPM
Sys::Mmap 0.19 RPM
Sys::SigAction 0.23 RPM
Sys::Statistics::Linux 0.66 RPM
Sys::Syscall 0.25 RPM
Sys::Trace 0.03 RPM
Sysadm::Install 0.48 RPM
System::Command 1.118 RPM
TAP::Formatter::Bamboo 0.04 RPM
Task::Weaken 1.04 RPM
Template::Timer 1.00 RPM
Template::Tiny 1.12 RPM
Template::Toolkit 2.26 RPM
Term::Encoding 0.02 RPM
Term::Table 0.006 RPM
Term::UI 0.46 RPM
TermReadKey 2.37 RPM
Test2::Plugin::NoWarnings 0.05 RPM
Test2::Suite 0.000067 RPM
Test2::Tools::Explain 0.02 RPM
Test::API 0.005 RPM
Test::Carp 0.2 RPM
Test::CheckDeps 0.010 RPM
Test::CheckManifest 1.29 RPM
Test::Class 0.50 RPM
Test::ClassAPI 1.06 RPM
Test::Cmd 1.09 RPM
Test::CPAN::Meta::YAML 0.25 RPM
Test::CPAN::Meta 0.25 RPM
Test::Deep 1.126 RPM
Test::Differences 0.64 RPM
Test::Exception 0.43 RPM
Test::Exit 0.11 RPM
Test::FailWarnings 0.008 RPM
Test::Fake::HTTPD 0.08 RPM
Test::Fatal 0.014 RPM
Test::File::Contents 0.23 RPM
Test::File::ShareDir 1.001002 RPM
Test::File 1.442 RPM
Test::Filename 0.03 RPM
Test::HexString 0.03 RPM
Test::Inter 1.06 RPM
Test::LeakTrace 0.15 RPM
Test::LectroTest 0.5001 RPM
Test::LongString 0.17 RPM
Test::LWP::UserAgent 0.031 RPM
Test::Manifest 2.02 RPM
Test::MinimumVersion 0.101082 RPM
Test::Mock::Cmd 0.7 RPM
Test::Mock::LWP 0.08 RPM
Test::MockModule 0.11 RPM
Test::MockObject 1.20161202 RPM
Test::Modern 0.013 RPM
Test::Most 0.35 RPM
Test::NoWarnings 1.04 RPM
Test::Object 0.07 RPM
Test::Output 1.03 RPM
Test::Parallel 0.20 RPM
Test::Perl::Critic 1.03 RPM
Test::Pod::Coverage 1.10 RPM
Test::Pod 1.51 RPM
Test::Requires 0.10 RPM
Test::Script 1.16 RPM
Test::SharedFork 0.35 RPM
Test::Simple 1.302075 RPM
Test::SubCalls 1.09 RPM
Test::TCP 2.17 RPM
Test::Trap v0.3.2 RPM
Test::Unit 0.25 RPM
Test::UseAllModules 0.17 RPM
Test::Warn 0.32 RPM
Test::Warnings 0.026 RPM
Test::Without::Module 0.18 RPM
Test::WWW::Selenium 1.36 RPM
Test::YAML::Meta 0.22 RPM
Test::YAML::Valid 0.04 RPM
TestRail::API 0.041 RPM
Text::CSV 1.91 RPM
Text::CSV_XS 1.27 RPM
Text::Diff 1.44 RPM
Text::Extract::MaketextCallPhrases 0.94 RPM
Text::Fold 0.5 RPM
Text::German 0.06 RPM
Text::Glob 0.11 RPM
Text::Iconv 1.7 RPM
Text::SimpleTable 2.03 RPM
Text::Soundex 3.04 RPM
Text::Template 1.47 RPM
Text::Trim 1.02 RPM
Text::Unidecode 1.30 RPM
Throwable 0.200013 RPM
Tie::DBI 1.06 RPM
Tie::EncryptedHash 1.24 RPM
Tie::IxHash 1.23 RPM
Tie::RefHash::Weak 0.09 RPM
Tie::ShadowHash 1.00 RPM
Tie::ToObject 0.03 RPM
TimeDate 2.30 RPM
Tree::DAG_Node 1.29 RPM
Tree::MultiNode v1.0.13 RPM
Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory 0.15 RPM
Tree::Simple 1.30 RPM
Try::Tiny 0.28 RPM
Try 0.03 RPM
Type::Tiny 1.000006 RPM
Types::Serialiser 1.0 RPM
Umask::Local 1.0 RPM
UNIVERSAL::can 1.20140328 RPM
UNIVERSAL::isa 1.20150614 RPM
Unix::PID::Tiny 0.91 RPM
Unix::PID 0.23 RPM
Unix::Processors 2.044 RPM
Unix::Sysexits 0.06 RPM
Unix::Syslog 1.1 RPM
URI::Find 20160806 RPM
URI::ws 0.03 RPM
URI 1.71 RPM
URL::Encode::XS 0.03 RPM
URL::Encode 0.03 RPM
Variable::Magic 0.61 RPM
Version::Next 1.000 RPM
Want 0.29 RPM
Web::Detect 0.05 RPM
WebService::Client 0.0501 RPM
WebService::HipChat 0.1002 RPM
WWW::Form::UrlEncoded 0.24 RPM
WWW::Form 1.19 RPM
WWW::Mechanize 1.84 RPM
WWW::OAuth 0.006 RPM
WWW::Pastebin::PastebinCom::Create 1.003 RPM
WWW::RobotRules 6.02 RPM
XML::LibXML 2.0129 RPM
XML::NamespaceSupport 1.11 RPM
XML::Parser 2.44 RPM
XML::RegExp 0.04 RPM
XML::SAX::Base 1.08 RPM
XML::SAX::Expat 0.51 RPM
XML::Simple 2.22 RPM
XML::Stream 1.24 RPM
XML::Writer 0.625 RPM
XML::XPath 1.40 RPM
YAML::AppConfig 0.19 RPM
YAML::Syck 1.29 RPM
YAML::Tiny 1.70 RPM



We use CentOS servers to generate these lists. The specific version numbers and packages may vary slightly on CloudLinux™ and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux servers.

cPanel & WHM uses the following operating system-provided third-party applications:

Third-party application Version Source
at 3.1.13-20.el7 RPM
autoconf 2.69-11.el7 RPM
automake 1.13.4-3.el7 RPM
bash 4.2.46-19.el7 RPM
bind 9.9.4-29.el7_2.3 RPM
bind-devel 9.9.4-29.el7_2.3 RPM
bind-libs 9.9.4-29.el7_2.3 RPM
bind-utils 9.9.4-29.el7_2.3 RPM
binutils RPM
bison 2.7-4.el7 RPM
boost-program-options 1.53.0-25.el7 RPM
boost-serialization 1.53.0-25.el7 RPM
bzip2 1.0.6-13.el7 RPM
bzip2-libs 1.0.6-13.el7 RPM
cairo 1.14.2-1.el7 RPM
chkconfig 1.7.2-1.el7 RPM
compat-db 4.7.25-28.el7 RPM
coreutils 8.22-15.el7_2.1 RPM
cpio 2.11-24.el7 RPM
cpp 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
cronie 1.4.11-14.el7_2.1 RPM
crontabs 1.11-6.20121102git.el7 RPM
curl 7.29.0-25.el7.centos RPM
e2fsprogs 1.42.9-7.el7 RPM
e2fsprogs-devel 1.42.9-7.el7 RPM
expat 2.1.0-8.el7 RPM
expat-devel 2.1.0-8.el7 RPM
expect 5.45-14.el7_1 RPM
file 5.11-31.el7 RPM
findutils 4.5.11-5.el7 RPM
flex 2.5.37-3.el7 RPM
fontconfig 2.10.95-7.el7 RPM
freetype 2.4.11-11.el7 RPM
ftp 0.17-66.el7 RPM
gamin 0.1.10-16.el7 RPM
gamin-devel 0.1.10-16.el7 RPM
gawk 4.0.2-4.el7 RPM
gcc 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
gcc-c++ 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
gd 2.0.35-26.el7 RPM
gd-devel 2.0.35-26.el7 RPM
gd-progs 2.0.35-26.el7 RPM
gdbm 1.10-8.el7 RPM
gdbm-devel 1.10-8.el7 RPM
gettext RPM
gettext-devel RPM
ghostscript 9.07-18.el7 RPM
giflib 4.1.6-9.el7 RPM
glib2 2.42.2-5.el7 RPM
glibc 2.17-106.el7_2.6 RPM
glibc-devel 2.17-106.el7_2.6 RPM
glibc-static 2.17-106.el7_2.6 RPM
gmp 6.0.0-12.el7_1 RPM
gnupg2 2.0.22-3.el7 RPM
grep 2.20-2.el7 RPM
grubby 8.28-17.el7 RPM
gzip 1.5-8.el7 RPM
hunspell 1.3.2-13.el7 RPM
hunspell-en 0.20121024-5.el7 RPM
ImageMagick RPM
initscripts 9.49.30-1.el7_2.2 RPM
iptables 1.4.21-16.el7 RPM
kernel-headers 3.10.0-327.18.2.el7 RPM
keyutils-libs 1.5.8-3.el7 RPM
krb5-devel 1.13.2-12.el7_2 RPM
krb5-libs 1.13.2-12.el7_2 RPM
less 458-9.el7 RPM
libaio 0.3.109-13.el7 RPM
libaio-devel 0.3.109-13.el7 RPM
libcap 2.22-8.el7 RPM
libdb 5.3.21-19.el7 RPM
libgcc 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
libgomp 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
libicu 50.1.2-15.el7 RPM
libidn 1.28-4.el7 RPM
libidn-devel 1.28-4.el7 RPM
libjpeg-turbo 1.2.90-5.el7 RPM
libjpeg-turbo-devel 1.2.90-5.el7 RPM
libmount-devel 2.23.2-26.el7_2.2 RPM
libpcap 1.5.3-8.el7 RPM
libpng 1.5.13-7.el7_2 RPM
libpng-devel 1.5.13-7.el7_2 RPM
libssh2 1.4.3-10.el7_2.1 RPM
libstdc++ 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
libstdc++-devel 4.8.5-4.el7 RPM
libtiff 4.0.3-14.el7 RPM
libtiff-devel 4.0.3-14.el7 RPM
libtool 2.4.2-21.el7_2 RPM
libtool-ltdl 2.4.2-21.el7_2 RPM
libtool-ltdl-devel 2.4.2-21.el7_2 RPM
libwmf RPM
libX11-devel 1.6.3-2.el7 RPM
libxml2 2.9.1-6.el7_2.2 RPM
libxml2-devel 2.9.1-6.el7_2.2 RPM
libXpm 3.5.11-3.el7 RPM
libXpm-devel 3.5.11-3.el7 RPM
libxslt 1.1.28-5.el7 RPM
libxslt-devel 1.1.28-5.el7 RPM
lsof 4.87-4.el7 RPM
lynx 2.8.8-0.3.dev15.el7 RPM
make 3.82-21.el7 RPM
nano 2.3.1-10.el7 RPM
ncurses 5.9-13.20130511.el7 RPM
ncurses-devel 5.9-13.20130511.el7 RPM
ncurses-libs 5.9-13.20130511.el7 RPM
ncurses-term 5.9-13.20130511.el7 RPM
net-tools 2.0-0.17.20131004git.el7 RPM
openssh 6.6.1p1-25.el7_2 RPM
openssh-clients 6.6.1p1-25.el7_2 RPM
openssh-server 6.6.1p1-25.el7_2 RPM
openssl 1.0.1e-51.el7_2.5 RPM
openssl-devel 1.0.1e-51.el7_2.5 RPM
openssl-libs 1.0.1e-51.el7_2.5 RPM
pam 1.1.8-12.el7_1.1 RPM
pam-devel 1.1.8-12.el7_1.1 RPM
pango 1.36.8-2.el7 RPM
passwd 0.79-4.el7 RPM
patch 2.7.1-8.el7 RPM
pcre 8.32-15.el7_2.1 RPM
perl 5.16.3-286.el7 RPM
pixman 0.32.6-3.el7 RPM
popt 1.13-16.el7 RPM
psmisc 22.20-9.el7 RPM
python 2.7.5-34.el7 RPM
python-devel 2.7.5-34.el7 RPM
python-docs 2.7.5-2.el7 RPM
python-setuptools 0.9.8-4.el7 RPM
python-tools 2.7.5-34.el7 RPM
quota 4.01-11.el7_2.1 RPM
quota-devel 4.01-11.el7_2.1 RPM
rcs 5.9.0-5.el7 RPM
rdate 1.4-25.el7 RPM
readline 6.2-9.el7 RPM
redhat-rpm-config 9.1.0-72.el7.centos RPM
rsync 3.0.9-17.el7 RPM
screen 4.1.0-0.23.20120314git3c2946.el7_2 RPM
sed 4.2.2-5.el7 RPM
shadow-utils RPM
sharutils 4.13.3-8.el7 RPM
Smartmontools 6.2-4.el7 RPM
sqlite 3.7.17-8.el7 RPM
strace 4.8-11.el7 RPM
sysstat 10.1.5-7.el7 RPM
systemd 219-19.el7_2.9 RPM
tar 1.26-29.el7 RPM
tcl 8.5.13-8.el7 RPM
tclx 8.4.0-22.el7 RPM
tcp_wrappers-devel 7.6-77.el7 RPM
tcp_wrappers-libs 7.6-77.el7 RPM
tix 8.4.3-12.el7 RPM
tk 8.5.13-6.el7 RPM
tkinter 2.7.5-34.el7 RPM
traceroute 2.0.19-5.el7 RPM
unzip 6.0-15.el7 RPM
urw-fonts 2.4-16.el7 RPM
util-linux 2.23.2-26.el7_2.2 RPM
wget 1.14-10.el7_0.1 RPM
which 2.20-7.el7 RPM
xz 5.1.2-12alpha.el7 RPM
xz-libs 5.1.2-12alpha.el7 RPM
yum-utils 1.1.31-34.el7 RPM
zip 3.0-10.el7 RPM
zlib 1.2.7-15.el7 RPM
zlib-devel 1.2.7-15.el7 RPM

Appendix B: New and modified API functions

New UAPI functions

New WHM API 1 functions

  • api_token_update — This function updates an API token’s settings.

  • addpkgext — This function adds a package extension to a hosting plan (package).

  • cors_proxy_get — This function allows your system to perform Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) HTTP requests.

  • delpkgext — This function deletes a package extension from a hosting plan (package).

  • get_autossl_pending_queue_for_domain — This function returns the most recent AutoSSL pending queue information for a specific domain.

  • get_autossl_pending_queue_for_user — This function returns the most recent list of AutoSSL queued domains on a cPanel user’s account.

  • get_autossl_problems_for_domain — This function returns the list of the latest Domain Control Validation (DCV) problems for a specific domain.

  • get_autossl_problems_for_user — This function returns the list of the latest Domain Control Validation (DCV) problems for a cPanel user.

  • get_public_contact — This function retrieves an account’s public contact information.

  • set_public_contact — This function sets an account’s public contact information.

Modified UAPI functions

Modified cPanel API 2 functions

  • SubDomain::delsubdomain — Added a note to the domain parameter about how to delete the subdomain of an addon domain.

Modified WHM API 1 functions

Modified WHM API 0 functions

  • listacls — Added new privileges to the return hash.

  • saveacllist — Added new privileges as input parameters.

  • setacls — Added new privileges as input parameters.

Additional Documentation